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"IoT Explosion -- Exponential New Consequences: Be A Solution"

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This explains previous blog about "Who'll Solve Runaway IoT" in 2 sentences.
IoT (Internet of Things): An explosion of new electronic Things-to-Connect, exponentially increasing landfills, EMFs, toxins, electricity use/carbon & security hack/privacy violation opportunities. Be A Solution. 
Creating solutions for IoT unintended consequences now instead of later -- and perhaps we'll reduce negative security, privacy, safety, environmental/body health issues before they become serious.

Example: Microbeads. We could have easily prevented the problems before they occurred by starting with a 1000 Year Business Plan and not producing them. (Who's bearing the cost of taking them out of products, off shelves, out of water and food systems now?)   
Microbeads were added to most body care products (filling our water, food, bodies with more plastic toxins) -- which are now being TAKEN OUT of body care products because they're precipitously entering all water/food systems (we're eating toxic plastic microbeads), let enterprising, future-leader global #Entrepreneurs find solutions before things are out of hand, thinking about how to solve them before the problems occur. And transforming technology shifts like IoT with thoughtful ideas and preventive measures before serious problems occur or harm all life and environments. 
WATCH HERE ("STORY OF STUFF" VIDEO) TO FIND OUT HOW IT HAPPENED THAT YOU ARE NOW EATING PLASTIC MICROBEADS BECAUSE WE DIDN'T THINK AHEAD -- and how to stop eating them. Most body care products have these, have removed natural exfoliants -- but product creators are being forced to remove them due to health/environment impact and public outcry. 
Business/legal/PR/reputation cost?

The ability to Think Ahead before the problems are created, transform innovation to favor long-term sustainable thriving-life environments -- may become the key 1000 Year Business Leadership skill.

1000 Year Thinking means solving the problem before it occurs, with new, creative long-range thinking, focusing on a long-range thinking intelligence. Thus developing a whole new genre, an era of ethical, ecologically healthy, sustainable technologies.

We will create new creative minds this way as well -- long-term-impact thinking requires using imagination, creativity, empathy, compassion, ethical thinking, mental power, a kind of mental time-travel -- in whole new ways.

S.H. Rodman


S.H. Rodman

Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Founder, Right Brain AerobicsOrganizational & Individual Training for Right Brain Aerobics -- Training for Innovation and Higher Creative Intelligence – exploring Quantum Leap Thinking... Former VP, Merrill Lynch & Senior Director AT&T Wireless, Director, Phoenix House Foundation; former board member, Transition Whidbey for local sustainability. National trainer and speaker, playwright and composer.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

1000 Year Biz Planning: Who'll Solve Runaway IoT? Recycling/EMFs, Increase in Things Changing Versions?

1000 Year Biz Planning: Who'll Solve Runaway IoT? Recycling/EMFs, Increase in Things, Changing Versions?

Once Toasters Are Digital & Connected, will we have a new
version we must switch to every time IoT op systems change?
Multiply x 7 bn people and millions of things that presently
might last 20 yrs -- suddenly having to turnover every couple
of years. Can you afford it? Where will we toss the old
versions after the first few 100 years? Photo: Morgue Files.

7 Questions about the hidden opportunities & planet-wide challenges inherent in our move into a global (interplanetary?) Internet of Things (IoT)?

Who'll get there first to solve the "unintended consequences" before the new ecological/environmental overload? Prime target for 1000 Year Business Planning Entrepreneurs. 


    If all "things" go digital -- will they have to be tossed & replaced constantly as technology changes annually?

    I'd personally get into the "creative-recycling/upcycling-of- electronics" business fast. Or the Moon/Mars-colonization landfills business. If I were an enterprising young entrepreneur...

    Think 1000 Years & 7 bn people as the starting point.  Digital "things" mean a toaster that could have lasted for decades will now have to be tossed in a landfill (or a recycle scheme will have to be invented). Because it will now last only as long as the IoT operating system/connectivity scheme it was designed for.

    Who are the entrepreneurs and enterprises who'll solve this -- starting with imagining a 1000 Year Business Plan for a sustainable Earth ecology/environment/health as #'s of "things" multiply exponentially?

    Might this be not just a "nice to have" but mandatory for sustainability of life systems for the next 1000 Years? No more "throw away" of electronics permitted. Who will be the Entrepreneurs who solve that?
But wait! -- 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"1000 Year Business Planning: 5 Entrepreneurial Analog StartUps."

S.H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics
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"In every industry, big problems are just big StartUps waiting to happen." S.H. Rodman

Whatever it is -- think many decades or centuries ahead, and begin the StartUp now for the Analog Off-the-Grid versions. 

1000 Year Business Plan thinking at its best. You'll be more successful than you think. Maybe outrageously successful. (Note:  List of the world's oldest companies...)  

1000 Year Entrepreneurial Thinking: Whatever it is, scoop up all of the Analog versions now. Get creative with modifications for super-ecological eras -- sustainability that lasts 1000's of years, or bust. Literally.
(Side Note: These ideas may sound simplistic or crazy, but in my corporate days I reported in at the CIO level and I tended to be known as the "crazy ideas" strategist who focused most on ideas that proved to be running about 5 - 10 years ahead of the curve. This was a habit. It was also a reputation because they tended to pan out as trends.  
I was so early to nanotech, for instance--actually got to meet Eric Drexler and Christine Peterson--amazing conversations, amazing people anticipating caution as well as how to manufacture at the micro level, decades out ( in S.F.) 
Right now I sense that extreme "sustainability" vectors will become THE vectors -- and analog is going to be reinvented or transformed to accomodate new forms of communication and lifestyle -- mechanics transformed where tech isn't sustainable 1000's of years -- from an ecological life systems perspective. Get there early and put on your "right brain" thinking cap -- we're not likely to be in logical/linear territory much longer... 
Right now I'm working on mind-shift to higher creative intelligence without using any chemistry or new tech and thus the Right Brain Aerobics and Right Brain Think Tank experiments. No time to work on new StartUp ideas. So I'm putting any that pop up into this 1000 Year Business Plan blogs -- a useful bin for forward thinking things.... Hope they might spark an idea for you here and there... Integrating concepts to create a long-lasting planetary and interplanetary future. If you're thinking along these lines, you can submit a Guest Blog -- time's awastin' even in 1000 Year paradigms. -- SHR)

5 Entrepreneurial Analog StartUp ideas for today...

More open-sourcing of innovative ideas -- just give attribution -- and go for it!  

1000 Year Planning -- may include a lot of Analog Alternatives -- and Analog Cars may become a "hot" item, as "car hacking" is on the rise...

Hey, if you're going to drive around in a moving computer, essentially, you're going to experience more than one kind of "crash" as well as being "hacked" -- or getting a "Car Virus." Will there be massive security breaches of -- Cars... 

Crazy things you'll become familiar with that could lead some to Analog Versions... 

Digital Car Security... Is going to be a new industry. Get there fast. Well, before the paparzzi. 

Digital Cars are Paparazzi heaven...

Corollaries: Connected Cars are bound to lead to a Facebook for Cars. 
Can your car Tweet? In the Internet-of-Things it could tweet your Toaster--but could it be hacked?   
The prepared #Entrepreneur will be ready for every possibility. And potential StartUp growing from the unintended consequences of trying to digitally connect everything without thinking first about the, well, unintended consequences.

1. Analog Car Rentals... Or Sales.

Want to offer an alternative to Highway Robbery and Car Hacking?

Share your Analog Car with others or go Off-the-Digital-Grid in your car. An Uber for Analog Cars. Or maybe Uber will add Analog car rides.  Just for fun. 

(Humans: Analog Car Drivers...after Driverless Cars are mandated...)

Like untraceable pre-paid cell phones, the Analog Car may become trendy for "get aways" in every sense. 

Your Classic Car taking up space in your Classic Car Showcase garage? It could be a Luxury Analog Car Rental.

Possible Memes...

  • Highway Getaway
  • Have Car, Will Travel Off-the-Digital Grid
  • Off-the-Grid Living will be incomplete without your Off-the-Digital-Grid Car...
Entrepreneurs: Buy up/modify analog cars for possible future modification -- or Soap-Box-Derby hobbyists -- could have a field day.

Entrepreneurs: Solar Cars re-engineered from used cars?  Unhackable and cheap. But wait -- how about...

Monday, July 20, 2015

"The Blog Inn..." 1000 Year Business Thinking?

S.H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics
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"The Blog Inn."  Open Sourcing Business Ideas for 1000 Year Thinking...

The Blog Inn...A place, B&B or AirBNB or event "meet up" where bloggers/tweeters blog together, congregate, eat-drink-and-be-merry, network, tweet on & toast new blogs. Big-Screen-Twitter and YouTube Video Blogs. Cool new blogging/twitter/tech tools set up to test, learn. From @SHRodman Tweet of 7-20-15. 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams..." -- Eleanor Roosevelt
Innovate with creative green building inventions, organic healthy food & natural fermented drinks from the Blog Inn Gardens & Solar Paths...

iStock Photos

1000 Year Business Plan... Can we have fun -- and beyond -- by storyboarding design for "crazy idea" projects projected out for centuries?  And share them to see if anyone wants to extrapolate strategies or biz projects from them...

Drawing out the creation, franchising--planning to develop sustainably, maximize multidimensional diversity, cultures, maximize interest for all generations, spots for creating arts and music, experiments, or to create video/VR blogs--and let it morph over time as blogs and tweets and video become something new... Right Brain, Green & Healthy. Connected to Local Community, Markets.

"The future depends on what you do today." Gandhi

Would it be possible to create Inns of the 21st Century looking ahead not 10 years but 100 years or 1000 years as we create...?  

The Inn on the Roadside, 1872 - Wikipedia
Worlds Oldest Companies - Wikipedia

In the List of World's Oldest Companies... Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants are at the top of the list... Thinking about how to sustain a healthy, green 1000 year business could get us thinking about different models. Present trends + long-term sustainable global business models/ecology.

  • Air BNB in 1000 Years...?
  • Uber in 1000 Years...?
  • Pubs and Inns in 1000 Years...?
  • Overlap...?
  • Sustainability and ecology, healthy food & environments?
  • 1000 Year Green Business Designs?

Your 1000 Year Business thinking...? Crazy ideas?

If these ideas spark your "innovator's mind" to create an entrepreneurial article or venture... have fun --and do list/tweet the source, 1000 Year Business Plan blog.

"The 'Goldilocks Spot' of Innovation: We can understand it enough to see it is genius and we want it, but it's still a great mystery how to do it or leverage it or turn it into a business." -- S.H. Rodman

S.H. Rodman
Ideas? Comments?

S.H. Rodman

Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Founder, Right Brain AerobicsOrganizational & Individual Training for Right Brain Aerobics -- Training for Innovation and Higher Creative Intelligence – exploring Quantum Leap Thinking... Former VP, Merrill Lynch & Senior Director AT&T Wireless, Director, Phoenix House Foundation; former board member, Transition Whidbey for local sustainability. National trainer and speaker, playwright and composer.

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@SHRodman on Twitter - Sandra H. Rodman, Linked In
Right Brain Think Tank - Webinars & Right Brain-storming by invitation, for personal executive development
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Sunday, July 12, 2015

“Will Quantum Computing Disrupt Business, Society, & Mind? 3 Key Questions.” 1000 Year Business Thinking


“Will Quantum Computing Disrupt Business, Society, & Mind? 3 Key Questions.” 1000 Year Business Thinking at a Whole New Level…

S.H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics

From “Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness,” Bruce Rosenblum & Fred Kuttner, University of California, Santa Cruz…

“Quantum theory is the most stunningly successful theory in all of science. Not a single one of its predictions has ever been wrong. Quantum mechanics has revolutionized our world. One-third of our economy depends on products based on it. However, this physics can look like mysticism. Quantum experiments display an enigma that challenge our classical worldview. The worldview demanded by quantum theory is, to borrow the words of J.B.S. Haldane, not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose…”

With companies such as Google & IBM currently leading the way, we are closer every month to solving technical problems and enabling quantum computing. It can lead to new speeds – but also new paradigms, languaging, AI and psychology. (Google Milestone - - IBM showing off a Quantum Computing Chip – MIT Tech Review. )

Are we looking at a new reality…? Analogy: Societies and psychologies before science, and after; before human space flight, and after.


Will quantum computing lead to the transformation of human identity
as well as perceptions of human reality?



Quantum Computing is coming—but as Physics professors Rosenblum & Kuttner well describe in non-technical terms in their excellent introductory book of 2006—is there a “boundary where the particular expertise of physicists is no longer a sure guide”?

Yet neither do psychologists generally consider their purview to be these outer reaches of consciousness impact on quantum physics experiments, explorations in quantum mechanics. Nor do AI specialists. Should they? Should we? 


As quantum computing and quantum business realities approach,
how informed do we want to be? Will we be observers –
or participants?


Do we want to know about the potential implications & consequences of unimaginable high speeds enabling unfathomable processing power and artificial intelligence? Butting heads with the same “quantum enigmas” and “spooky action at a distance” which still excite physicist investigators as they did Albert Einstein!

But more significant may be the impact of the development of required new human conceptual/contextual intelligence for quantum computing/inventions -- expanding creative intelligence to innovate, invent, experiment, and research far beyond common societal perceptions of reality; common cultural concepts; the current ability to imagine a visible reality.

In a sense: Quantum Computing is more about imagination and creativity in the invisible realities than the visible! How will this transform intelligence? Politics? Creativity? Education?

Wikipedia - Chip created by D-Wave

WHO MOVED MY DATA? -- But wait -- !

Sunday, June 28, 2015

12 Points: 1000 Year Thinking & The Psychology of the Driverless Car Revolution

Innovators Call...
12 Points: 1000 Year Thinking & The Psychology of the Driverless Car Revolution.  Food for thought & the 1000 Year Mind...
"Let us invent a vibrant and thriving 1000 Year Future together... Sustainable in mind as well as matter." -- S.H. Rodman

S.H. Rodman - @SHRodman
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Right Brain Think Tank - 425-214-2926
This blog prompted this morning by reading the excellent "The Driverless Economy" by Kas Thomas... Raising issues of job loss or income loss as we go driverless... Also reading on the business side: "Driverless Cars Will Reshape the Economy..." - Huffington Post - "The Economics of Uber, Driverless Cars, and The Auto Industry" - Seeking Alpha

1. The Human Psychology Transformation & the Driverless Car. 

How fun is that? You're watching a car drive itself. 

What's the psychology of the Driverless Car? Strong evidence that modern humans LIKE to drive their own cars! It's an aspect of modern identity -- permeating psychology and languaging, which translates to business and software -- "drivers" are good; "drivers" are powerful!
  • Will there be a "driver" identity and languaging if nobody drives?
  • As raised in the Thomas blog -- big airliners are essentially on autopilot; pilots monitor, except for takeoff and landing. But still many people want to "fly" and do buy their own planes.  So: Will having a fast car you can drive yourself become as expensive as owning an airplane is today?
  • Will we care at all about "land cars" in 1000 Years? Preferring aircars or flying cars by then? Will there be Driverless Flying Cars? Drones we ride in?
  • Do we need the pollution, having land-fill-headed cars of any kind? Will we create societies that thrive naturally without "cars" as we know them?
Is it increasingly true that with every new TECHNOLOGY comes a new UNINTENDED PSYCHOLOGY? But wait --

Perhaps the #1 UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE of Inventors focused on inventions headed toward IPOs--Not even on the Business Plan of the invention--The New Psychology Created by the Invention. Innovators/Media Specialists/Entertainers/Psychologists take note -- new business territory abounds where new invention creates new psychology.

Maybe we should have more Inventors focused on IPLs than IPOs...: Innovation Proposals for Longevity (IPLs)...Legacy! History! 1000 Year Inventors...! Inventors Whose Long-term Vision Saves A Living Planet...

2. Will anything remotely resembling individual drivers/individual cars with engines exist 1000 Years from now?

Try this Innovator's Right Brain Exercise
Innovator's Exercise: Shift your brain/mind into deep Alpha state (here's a "Right Brain Start Up exercise to do that) and "Remote View" the future 1000 Years from now...

Can you "see" a new model of car/driver that would allow life/ecology to thrive globally here and on other planets we colonize? Or a new transportation model for human culture?

How would you like to be THAT inventor...? But wait! There's the Robotics of it All -- 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

1000 Year Innovators Challenge: 100% Guaranteed Sustainability

1000 Year Innovators & Entrepreneurs Challenge:

Sandra H. Rodman, @SHRodman
CEO/Creator, Right Brain Aerobics

What if you had to guarantee that your invention & the device on which it is served--is 100% biodegradable, healthy for all life, no toxins left in the ecosystem, water, air, dumps, food chain--no harm to any life, sustainable for 1000 Years?

What if that were the new definition for Innovation? What if the knowledge to innovate in this way created whole new libraries for human intelligence and compassion?

What if the Prizes for such inventions were so great that you would devote all of your time to winning?

Is that a way to train Minds of the Future?

"A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown." -- Denis Waitley
Live like all life depended on it...

S.H. Rodman
Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Founder, Right Brain AerobicsOrganizational Training for Right Brain Aerobics Training for Innovation and Creativity. Former VP, Merrill Lynch & Senior Director AT&T Wireless, Director, Phoenix House Foundation; former board member, Transition Whidbey for sustainability. National trainer and speaker, playwright and composer.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Minds of the Future -- Innovating for Each Other: The Ultimate 1000 Year Plan?

Minds of the Future, by the Future, for the Future...
Make it Matter, Make it Last, Make it Destiny...
Innovation 2.0

Sandra H. Rodman, @SHRodman
CEO/Creator, Right Brain Aerobics
1000 Year Biz Plan. Former VP, Merrill 
Lynch,  Sr. Director, AT&T Wireless
New: Right Brain Speaking, S.H. Rodman

Update 6-3-15: After wishing for it in this blog--
BIODEGRADABLE sustainable non-toxic tech; 
2 articles popped up: 
The key will still be: Will the residue or manfacutring
be toxic or truly biodegradable & 1000 Year Friendly?

SHIFT GEARS! Innovate for Each Other...1000 Years hence? A new possible mind-set...beyond our love as individuals for vying to be recognized as idea-guru, inventor-genius, exciting pathways to personal fame and fortune unfolding...

Instead, what if we focus on innovating for each other -- "each other" being both today and Life in the Future 1000 Years Ahead? What's that business we might create? Who are those Minds of that Future we can develop, teach, by what we do now? 

"A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Can we do it? MUST we do it? Innovating for each other as a 1000 Year Plan! What changes?

Rules of the Road? For planetary civilizations where life systems  can be sustained millions of years here and on many planets...?

What if we're here precisely to learn to help all life thrive & diversify on many planets? 

Is that a hidden "Prime Directive"... WAIT! -- 

Friday, May 22, 2015

5 Questions to Ask about a Business World 1000 Years from Now: Looking for the Invisible

Innovation begins with looking for the invisible. Even unconsciously -- that's where the great "aha's" emerge... When we sense that "something" isn't there. It's missing. "There should be a way to... but I don't see it..." and "If we just had a ... Where are the ...?" have started most juggernaut adventures... 

1000 Year Business thinking is, in effect, looking for the invisible. Is not all innovation? Is it not really intuition? 

One way to do that is to Ask Questions... key in all Right Brain Aerobics intensives. Self-discovery is, in effect, where the future comes from.

5 Questions to Ask about a Business World 1000 Year from Now:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Will Quantum Computers Spark Quantum Intelligence? The Age of the Quantum Computer.

Planet-wide Visionary Rules from Thomas Edison:  
M. A. Rosanoff: "Mr. Edison, please tell me what laboratory rules you want me to observe." 
Edison: "There ain't no rules around here. We're trying to accomplish somep'n!"

Quantum Computers, says a Newsweek article, will change everything:
"Quantum Computers Will Make Your Laptop Look Like an Abacus."
A quantum leap for our society if ever there was one... And perhaps -- as it is coming so SOON after the first personal computers relative to the length of human history -- sure to get us doing a 1000 Year Business Plan! Soon.

But quantum thinking about quantum computers -- that's the real magic being sparked; and quantum thinking may have the greates implications of all for your 1000 Year Business Plan! 

Better said: the impact and interactions of human consciousness at the quantum/micro/nano level, necessary to conceive of, program, and invent in quantum non-local realms -- this is only discussed at the very very very very far edges of experimental science, psychology, and technology. On account of you have to discuss:

Non-Local Mind

This will become an even bigger debate that it is now.  Because quantum computing is, in effect, a kind of "non-local" computing concept -- and that means throw the rules for usual space/time understanding are "out the window." But we can't throw them "out the window," if we can't understand what's "out the window" after we do...

"The future is there...looking back at us. Trying to make sense of the fiction we will have become." -- William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

Walking on the Moon - 1969. Wikipedia
What else might we do with 1000 Year Thinking & Quantum Computers?

Ah: The Magic of 1000 Year Planning.  Instead of trying to design a new IPO for next year -- might you decide to try designing the "quantum Apple" or "quantum Google" of 50 years from now -- by starting now...  100 years from now? More?

If you're an innovator -- if you're going to create the next "new new thing" - isn't that where you'd look? At the very very very very far edges of experimental quantum science, psychology, and technology?

Quantum Computing -- is going to get us talking about quantum thinking and quantum consciousness; partly because: It's very hard to work as a designer/programmer/seller of quantum computers without understanding quantum concepts. 

Max Planck, Considered the father of quantum theory--Wikipedia.
Could Max Planck program a Quantum Computer?

For one thing, superposition -- a key to quantum computing's amazing capability (because of it, every 1 & 0 is BOTH 1 & 0 and in combinations not just one or the other) -- but you have to know what superposition means.  What does it mean?

Somebody is going to have to teach and learn new concepts that might be mind-boggling -- but like the internet as it began -- maybe the most exciting thing you ever worked on. And every industry will be impacted the field is now wide open for New Quantum Leap Innovators. Somebody is going to have to learn it and teach it -- enough to program using its concepts. And somebody is going to make a "quantum leap" in how to do that well... (Wikipedia only hints at the potential in its description of Quantum Computing basic concepts -- like Qubits and Bloch Spheres. Look here)

Wow -- the most exciting thing in computing in more than 100 years is coming -- and the field is still wide open. BUT WAIT!!!! ---- AND THIS IS A BIG AND EXCITING "BUT WAIT!" -- Read more --

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

3 Key Areas Where We May Have to Think Smarter for 1000 Years. Stephen Hawking Weighs In

WHATEVER your industry -- from food and dairy to technology and physics -- "1000 Year Thinking may be the new Black."

"3 Key Areas Where We May Have to Think Smarter Not Just Bigger for 1000 Years. Stephen Hawking Weighs In 
"Is 1000 Year Thinking the New Black?"

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

We want to "Think Bigger" -- but if bigger thinking alone might cause us to miss serious problems (that we're missing) -- then we might need to start Thinking Smarter as well as Bigger for our 1000 Year Plan....

For SURE we have to start "Thinking Longer."  For SURE we have to start "Thinking with Empathy." Empathy may be key for "The 1000 Year Mind"; we're all in this together and our ecosystems are connected globally. 

  • For all we know, are there are electromagnetic and other "star system ecosystems" as well? That only 1000 Year Planners are thinking about; why are the other planets heating up now, too?
So here are 3 news articles that popped up today -- to spark your thinking. What Innovations are we missing by not Thinking Smart and not just Big -- when we review 1000 Year Planning in our society's choices? What if we're the society that first starts thinking 1000 Years Ahead!?  
Oops.  Wait. Some traditional people tried to think decisions based on "7 generations impact" -- so at one point we were thinking ahead. Traditional peoples had enough good processes to bring us and our ecosystem -- to survive and flourish for eons --  until we began to experiment with large cities, agriculture, chemicals, the industrial revolution.  Oops. But can we begin to transform our understanding and learn to thrive for eons in completely new ways -- if we start thinking:

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

What's Our 1000 Year Plan? Could we actually have Presidential Candidates run on a 1000 Year Plan...? Stay tuned... 

Here are 3 Hot Articles for more 1000 Year Innovative Thinking Sparks...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

5 Reasons You Need a Chief Renewables Officer & Chief Tech Trends Officer!

From the 1000 Year Business Plan: "Make It Matter; Make It Last; Make It Destiny."

5 Reasons You May Need a Chief Renewables Officer & a Chief Tech Trends Officer--and an MBA Program that Trains Both + Right Brain Thinking! (+ 1 Bonus Reason)...

For 1000 Year Planning -- or even 10 Year Planning -- these 2 business areas are already key but not executive positions or company-wide focus (note Kodak and now Weight Watchers, hotel chains, cab companies disrupted by new tech/social trends that had foreseeable consequences -- and bricks-and-mortar retail chains and local stores that didn't respond creatively to online sales displacing store sales; online retailers that didn't prepare for Amazon disruption in every product area not just books; or didn't prepare for Google Ads to disrupt previous advertising strategies. Example of potential disruptive trend: Rumor only, floating about: Might Google buy Twitter? How might that information or a related corporate purchase eventually affect your business?)

  1. What's Creative Today Is Obsolete Tomorrow -- Fast... Appointing well-qualified Chief Officers in just these two areas -- focus on using renewables/recycling as BUDGET PLANNING - and on daily assessment of disruptive emerging tech trends' impact on your business within 2-10 or more years -- could mean the difference between a 1-10 year company success and a 100 or 1000 year company success. If you appointed 2 such officers you would shift whole-company thinking and creativity to a great extent -- even enhance your reputation with customers. 
  2. Customers Depend on (and Are Attracted to) Your Being Forward-Thinking & Innovative -- if you aren't, they'll go where the "next big thing" is. The inability to "see ahead of the curve" and be there with good options for customers, may be even more important for long-term stock value than just having a Quarter slightly head of the last. 
  3. Create Your Own Internal Innovative Sustainable/Creative MBA-equivalent Business Training. Innovation Expertise + Sustainability Expertise + Tech Trend Impact Expertise -- Says "We're a smart and innovative company that's the one to watch." We're modeling the help, not just giving advice.  MBA's don't generally include training for creativity, intuition, or "seeing ahead of the curve." And only some include training in business/financial implications of renewables/sustainability & long-term budget implications. They should -- but if they don't, you can internally. Would also be a plus for executive/managerial recruiting.
  4. If You're Not Already Thinking of a 1000 Year Business Legacy Plan -- others are. This will become second nature in sustainable global business expertise -- and you don't want to be left behind. Why wait and find out too late that you weren't thinking really really far ahead enough to see something no one else has seen? But others are? Suggestion: Give all managers -- or all employees -- an assignment to create a 1-Page 1000 Year Business Plan for your company/product and see what ideas pop up that you might never have anticipated, and that could change everything! Do this periodically and give high recognition for plan proposals that "pop up" emerging trends that could lead to greater business success!
  5. Long-term Sustainable Success Companies Are All Increasing Renewables Strategy + Tech Trend Shift Strategy focus company wide! Especially at Executive Levels!  The C-Suites that get this right will be tomorrow's leaders -- Sustainability Innovation & Tech Trend Savvy should distinguish the Future C-Suites! #ThinkAhead

But WAIT -- What you can do now -- and Bonus Reason #6! Read More

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quest for Higher Intelligence: Ask Bigger Long-Term Legacy Questions, Get Bigger Long-Term Legacy Answers

Photo Credit: iStockPhotos 

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, 
build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -- Buckminster Fuller

Bigger Long-range Questions = Bigger Long-range Creative Intelligence? If we ask bigger, faster, long-term legacy-destiny questions -- we're going to get bigger, vaster, long-term legacy answers. Imagination-mind-brain focus and parameters will s-t-r-e-t-c-h and e-x-p-a-n-d. This can't be helped because of the what-you-see-is-what-you-get "WYSIWYG" nature of human conscious focus. 

Wider/Longer Focus -- Diversified Ideas? If you focus (superposition) your intelligence in a vaster environment of vaster questions, it's going to grow! Diversify! You're going to "see" a much larger context, vaster information, and need to engage larger imagination. You enter new "mental territory."

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Vaster Context Thinking = Seeing Vaster Context? You're going to see a s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out context and thus: Many new viewpoints. Is this not what distinguishes higher creative intelligence? Connecting more dots because you see more dots to connect -- and perhaps see farther into the future? Can we change destiny by engaging vaster contextual thinking, asking bigger-thinking questions in longer-term contexts?

But... how do we see into the future if we never look into the future?... 10 Questions to Ask for a 1000 Year Business Plan Exercise: