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12 Points: 1000 Year Thinking & The Psychology of the Driverless Car Revolution

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12 Points: 1000 Year Thinking & The Psychology of the Driverless Car Revolution.  Food for thought & the 1000 Year Mind...
"Let us invent a vibrant and thriving 1000 Year Future together... Sustainable in mind as well as matter." -- S.H. Rodman

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This blog prompted this morning by reading the excellent "The Driverless Economy" by Kas Thomas... Raising issues of job loss or income loss as we go driverless... Also reading on the business side: "Driverless Cars Will Reshape the Economy..." - Huffington Post - "The Economics of Uber, Driverless Cars, and The Auto Industry" - Seeking Alpha

1. The Human Psychology Transformation & the Driverless Car. 

How fun is that? You're watching a car drive itself. 

What's the psychology of the Driverless Car? Strong evidence that modern humans LIKE to drive their own cars! It's an aspect of modern identity -- permeating psychology and languaging, which translates to business and software -- "drivers" are good; "drivers" are powerful!
  • Will there be a "driver" identity and languaging if nobody drives?
  • As raised in the Thomas blog -- big airliners are essentially on autopilot; pilots monitor, except for takeoff and landing. But still many people want to "fly" and do buy their own planes.  So: Will having a fast car you can drive yourself become as expensive as owning an airplane is today?
  • Will we care at all about "land cars" in 1000 Years? Preferring aircars or flying cars by then? Will there be Driverless Flying Cars? Drones we ride in?
  • Do we need the pollution, having land-fill-headed cars of any kind? Will we create societies that thrive naturally without "cars" as we know them?
Is it increasingly true that with every new TECHNOLOGY comes a new UNINTENDED PSYCHOLOGY? But wait --

Perhaps the #1 UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE of Inventors focused on inventions headed toward IPOs--Not even on the Business Plan of the invention--The New Psychology Created by the Invention. Innovators/Media Specialists/Entertainers/Psychologists take note -- new business territory abounds where new invention creates new psychology.

Maybe we should have more Inventors focused on IPLs than IPOs...: Innovation Proposals for Longevity (IPLs)...Legacy! History! 1000 Year Inventors...! Inventors Whose Long-term Vision Saves A Living Planet...

2. Will anything remotely resembling individual drivers/individual cars with engines exist 1000 Years from now?

Try this Innovator's Right Brain Exercise
Innovator's Exercise: Shift your brain/mind into deep Alpha state (here's a "Right Brain Start Up exercise to do that) and "Remote View" the future 1000 Years from now...

Can you "see" a new model of car/driver that would allow life/ecology to thrive globally here and on other planets we colonize? Or a new transportation model for human culture?

How would you like to be THAT inventor...? But wait! There's the Robotics of it All -- 

3. The Robotics of It All: Use it or lose it.  What happens to the development of independent, creative thinking, if everything is done for you?

What is the psychology of a species that is moved around by robots driving. (Or in future: The AI vehicle/driver are one and the same: A Being. That cares for you. You're just along for the ride. You're no longer "Driving Miss Daisy." You are Miss Daisy.

If we don't exercise our great human faculties for evolving independent movement, spatial awareness learned with driving cars or flying planes -- do we lose that faculty? What's the brain impact?

4. The Psychology of Our Human Consciousness Society: Transportation or Teleportation? 

What about telepathy, teleportation, biolocation -- would the all- natural development of these human consciousness faculties obviate the need for cars at all?  Who will help develop this? Google? Or the Dalai Lama? We have to pay attention as the psychology of our society transforms...

5. The Virtual Reality of It All... Will our only exercise of independent flying and driving be via Virtual Reality...?

6. The 1000 Year Thinker: Bicyclist, Walker, Exercisers, Horse RIders? Will we have many more bicycles, tricycle human-powered carts, much more walking & exercising, more horse riding -- more all-natural and life-thriving local communities and THAT's where the future for innovators lies? Less obesity, greater health? Healthier ecologies?

Will lack of human walking/moving & ubiquity of human obesity become such an expensive and unsustainable health issue that Walking, Running & Exercising are mandated? Hmm... They're free, you can do them most anywhere. They'll cut your health costs by gazillions over a life and build better physical AND mental/memory health. For a whole society?

Will new "street" models with Walking Paths as well as Bicycle Paths abound in a 1000 Year Future? Could you be THAT designer? 

Bicycles and Walking: The pro-health anti-pollution "anti-dote" for many cities and small communities--Bicycles, Walking -- Tricycle Carts, human-powered.

7. The Riderless Economy & Individual Vehicle Ridership.  If we create vehicles that reduce jobs and pay, vehicles no one can afford, will we have a Riderless Economy? Will we have abandoned Driverless Car Parks? Will we create Local Economies and Human Societies not so dependent on "cars" at all?

Might growing your own food as a family become "the new gym"
& Health-Building Family Activity? Will we decide we need
fewer "cars" and more healthy organic locally grown food?

Will we develop stronger local economies, local grow-your-own-food models and family activity, making your own supplies -- or new supply resource innovations that obviate need for individual vehicle riders or cars? Will we  need landfill-headed vehicles at all?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -- Eleanor Roosevelt

8. What happens to Uber? What's the value of Uber in a Driverless Car economy? What's the value of a Taxi Franchise? A Bus Company? Will we pay less for a Driverless Taxi Ride? Bus Ride?

9. The Riderless Car: A Car Drone + Robot that delivers your packages?

10. Five Things you never asked about the Driverless Revolution:
1 -- Will the "drivers"/monitors for Driverless taxis or buses, etc., require more COMPUTER/TECH training? Who'll do that?
2 -- How will Quantum Computers power impact the power of Driverless Cars? of ALL cars? Transforming them altogether?
3 -- If we go driverless will there be fewer individual cars or more individual cars?
4 -- If AI is eventually given the same rights as humans, will Driverless cars have human rights? Be citizens? Have unions?
5 -- In a 1000 Year Future, if you could have a Virtual Reality Visit with your relatives who live elsewhere, would you ever need to visit in person? Can you have Virtual Reality Hugs? Might the holodeck replace the Driverless Car? Crazy ideas -- or preview of coming attractions in an era of transhuman intelligence?

11. Are all new gadgets/cars/tech going to explode into a Landfill Economy? And eventually have to be banned? When does the Landfill of 7 bn, 14 bn people, become untentable?

Alt.Thinking: Can we have biodegradable vehicles? Can you compost your Driverless Car? How will you recycle AI Driverless Cars/Robots? Can you create a sustainable, biodegradable AI robot/vehicle?

Who will be the Inventors who transform us from a Landfill Economy to a biodegradable, thriving life economy with a different meme:

A LandFULL Economy? A LIFEFULL Economy. 

12. WHO, exactly, is it that will be driving Miss Daisy with quantum-computing AI 1000 Years from now? And WHO will we become? Drivers or Driven?

Or will we have long since left the whole notion of cars and drivers behind in the wake of advanced HUMAN intelligence/consciousness/inter-dimensional development?

The world of 1000 Years Ahead: Minds of the Future...

S.H. Rodman - @SHRodman

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