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"1000 Year Business Planning: 5 Entrepreneurial Analog StartUps."

S.H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics
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"In every industry, big problems are just big StartUps waiting to happen." S.H. Rodman

Whatever it is -- think many decades or centuries ahead, and begin the StartUp now for the Analog Off-the-Grid versions. 

1000 Year Business Plan thinking at its best. You'll be more successful than you think. Maybe outrageously successful. (Note:  List of the world's oldest companies...)  

1000 Year Entrepreneurial Thinking: Whatever it is, scoop up all of the Analog versions now. Get creative with modifications for super-ecological eras -- sustainability that lasts 1000's of years, or bust. Literally.
(Side Note: These ideas may sound simplistic or crazy, but in my corporate days I reported in at the CIO level and I tended to be known as the "crazy ideas" strategist who focused most on ideas that proved to be running about 5 - 10 years ahead of the curve. This was a habit. It was also a reputation because they tended to pan out as trends.  
I was so early to nanotech, for instance--actually got to meet Eric Drexler and Christine Peterson--amazing conversations, amazing people anticipating caution as well as how to manufacture at the micro level, decades out ( in S.F.) 
Right now I sense that extreme "sustainability" vectors will become THE vectors -- and analog is going to be reinvented or transformed to accomodate new forms of communication and lifestyle -- mechanics transformed where tech isn't sustainable 1000's of years -- from an ecological life systems perspective. Get there early and put on your "right brain" thinking cap -- we're not likely to be in logical/linear territory much longer... 
Right now I'm working on mind-shift to higher creative intelligence without using any chemistry or new tech and thus the Right Brain Aerobics and Right Brain Think Tank experiments. No time to work on new StartUp ideas. So I'm putting any that pop up into this 1000 Year Business Plan blogs -- a useful bin for forward thinking things.... Hope they might spark an idea for you here and there... Integrating concepts to create a long-lasting planetary and interplanetary future. If you're thinking along these lines, you can submit a Guest Blog -- time's awastin' even in 1000 Year paradigms. -- SHR)

5 Entrepreneurial Analog StartUp ideas for today...

More open-sourcing of innovative ideas -- just give attribution -- and go for it!  

1000 Year Planning -- may include a lot of Analog Alternatives -- and Analog Cars may become a "hot" item, as "car hacking" is on the rise...

Hey, if you're going to drive around in a moving computer, essentially, you're going to experience more than one kind of "crash" as well as being "hacked" -- or getting a "Car Virus." Will there be massive security breaches of -- Cars... 

Crazy things you'll become familiar with that could lead some to Analog Versions... 

Digital Car Security... Is going to be a new industry. Get there fast. Well, before the paparzzi. 

Digital Cars are Paparazzi heaven...

Corollaries: Connected Cars are bound to lead to a Facebook for Cars. 
Can your car Tweet? In the Internet-of-Things it could tweet your Toaster--but could it be hacked?   
The prepared #Entrepreneur will be ready for every possibility. And potential StartUp growing from the unintended consequences of trying to digitally connect everything without thinking first about the, well, unintended consequences.

1. Analog Car Rentals... Or Sales.

Want to offer an alternative to Highway Robbery and Car Hacking?

Share your Analog Car with others or go Off-the-Digital-Grid in your car. An Uber for Analog Cars. Or maybe Uber will add Analog car rides.  Just for fun. 

(Humans: Analog Car Drivers...after Driverless Cars are mandated...)

Like untraceable pre-paid cell phones, the Analog Car may become trendy for "get aways" in every sense. 

Your Classic Car taking up space in your Classic Car Showcase garage? It could be a Luxury Analog Car Rental.

Possible Memes...

  • Highway Getaway
  • Have Car, Will Travel Off-the-Digital Grid
  • Off-the-Grid Living will be incomplete without your Off-the-Digital-Grid Car...
Entrepreneurs: Buy up/modify analog cars for possible future modification -- or Soap-Box-Derby hobbyists -- could have a field day.

Entrepreneurs: Solar Cars re-engineered from used cars?  Unhackable and cheap. But wait -- how about...

2. Horse & Carriage Sharing - more than a NYC thing... The ultimate Analog Ride...

Horse Drawn Carriage to Carry Tourists - Wikipedia

Is there a market in your little town or big city for Horse & Carriage ride sharing -- the ultimate Analog Ride?  You don't have to drive, there's less carbon footprint - rent by the hour for fun or intrigue. 

Composting is all the rage now -- instead of worrying about the poop, turn your horse poop into a secondary market and create super-rich compost!

Princess Phone - Some don't require electric power. Wikipedia

"We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down." -- Kurt Vonnegut

3. The Analog Retro Phone. Another Analog Meme coming soon.

Yes they exist and I've got four -- two are even speaker phones--without electricity. Understand they're not going to make them anymore. What are the opportunities?

  • If you have a landline, you can actually USE this phone in power outages (most landlines still work then) from wild weather and downed lines -- or electromagnetic interference.
  • You don't electronically interfere or cause static with other devices that are nearby. 
  • You don't put a cell phone or electrical current next to your BRAIN.
  • It's RETRO.
Scoop up anything that can one day be RETRO-WITH-A-PURPOSE.

4. Manual and Electric Typewriters...

With the electric but not computerized models like the old IBM Selectric -- could you connect them to a Solar Panel and have THE SOLAR SELECTRIC??. Surely IBM STILL has some warehouses of Selectrics somewhere.

  • Manual Typewriters are also Off-the-Grid and there's a market for Off-the-Grid anything. Manual Typewriters are coming back now because of new millennium security breaches

Buy up old Typewriters -- or Start your Analog Manual Typewriter company now. Be The Analog Alternative Leader!


5. Analog Paper Alternatives...

Hemp Paper - Used for 1000's of Years - Lasts!
As fast as we try to digitize everything, there will be a backlash of consumers headed for the analog.  Paper has almost been outlawed -- BUT. Scientific studies show that reading/writing/drawing on paper -- a) is better for comprehension -- b) it's better for your creative mind/brain -- c) is better for comprehension. 

The question for the Entrepreneur of the future centuries is not whether paper reading is better for the brain -- or whether holoding electronic devices puts us in harmful pathways of EMFs -- but that many studies are raising these questions and that means some consumers are going to be open to The Paper Alternative.

Could that be your contribution as an #Entrepreneur?
"Creativity, as has been said, consists largely of rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know. Hence, to think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted." -- George Kneller
If you're going to be successful with analog typewriters and etc. -- and if you're concerned about the Trees in our ecological eras -- you're going to need to think now about Alternative Analog Paper.

Grow your own paper--or make your own paper--there are many emerging options. It's not unthinkable.

If you go into the Analog Alternative -- or Off-the-Digital-Grid business, you want to look for every Entrepreneurial alternative. And you can think seriously about a 1000 Year Business Plan...


More links & ideas to be added. Your Thoughts? 
Want to contribute? 

S.H. Rodman


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