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"The Blog Inn..." 1000 Year Business Thinking?

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"The Blog Inn."  Open Sourcing Business Ideas for 1000 Year Thinking...

The Blog Inn...A place, B&B or AirBNB or event "meet up" where bloggers/tweeters blog together, congregate, eat-drink-and-be-merry, network, tweet on & toast new blogs. Big-Screen-Twitter and YouTube Video Blogs. Cool new blogging/twitter/tech tools set up to test, learn. From @SHRodman Tweet of 7-20-15. 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams..." -- Eleanor Roosevelt
Innovate with creative green building inventions, organic healthy food & natural fermented drinks from the Blog Inn Gardens & Solar Paths...

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1000 Year Business Plan... Can we have fun -- and beyond -- by storyboarding design for "crazy idea" projects projected out for centuries?  And share them to see if anyone wants to extrapolate strategies or biz projects from them...

Drawing out the creation, franchising--planning to develop sustainably, maximize multidimensional diversity, cultures, maximize interest for all generations, spots for creating arts and music, experiments, or to create video/VR blogs--and let it morph over time as blogs and tweets and video become something new... Right Brain, Green & Healthy. Connected to Local Community, Markets.

"The future depends on what you do today." Gandhi

Would it be possible to create Inns of the 21st Century looking ahead not 10 years but 100 years or 1000 years as we create...?  

The Inn on the Roadside, 1872 - Wikipedia
Worlds Oldest Companies - Wikipedia

In the List of World's Oldest Companies... Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants are at the top of the list... Thinking about how to sustain a healthy, green 1000 year business could get us thinking about different models. Present trends + long-term sustainable global business models/ecology.

  • Air BNB in 1000 Years...?
  • Uber in 1000 Years...?
  • Pubs and Inns in 1000 Years...?
  • Overlap...?
  • Sustainability and ecology, healthy food & environments?
  • 1000 Year Green Business Designs?

Your 1000 Year Business thinking...? Crazy ideas?

If these ideas spark your "innovator's mind" to create an entrepreneurial article or venture... have fun --and do list/tweet the source, 1000 Year Business Plan blog.

"The 'Goldilocks Spot' of Innovation: We can understand it enough to see it is genius and we want it, but it's still a great mystery how to do it or leverage it or turn it into a business." -- S.H. Rodman

S.H. Rodman
Ideas? Comments?

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