Friday, May 22, 2015

5 Questions to Ask about a Business World 1000 Years from Now: Looking for the Invisible

Innovation begins with looking for the invisible. Even unconsciously -- that's where the great "aha's" emerge... When we sense that "something" isn't there. It's missing. "There should be a way to... but I don't see it..." and "If we just had a ... Where are the ...?" have started most juggernaut adventures... 

1000 Year Business thinking is, in effect, looking for the invisible. Is not all innovation? Is it not really intuition? 

One way to do that is to Ask Questions... key in all Right Brain Aerobics intensives. Self-discovery is, in effect, where the future comes from.

5 Questions to Ask about a Business World 1000 Year from Now:

1. Will there be light? Where will the light be? 

Interesting question. Why? Concentration of electricity/EMFs are being shown to have serious health impact on all life; health is interrupted by light all night. If we solve that, where will be the light be? Will there be no late-night-light? Or will be fly in the face of it and have 24-hour light. New industries will be spawned and new movements -- over "the visibility of light."

2. Will business become creative sharing? What do new sharing companies/regions look like? What is the missing technical or societal mechanism to create an effective, creative sharing economy?  What works for 7 bn people & all life systems to be healthy? On this and other planets? Hidden before us in plain sight?

We had shared, small-group economies in early societies, to survive. Might we need to recreate them again? But where is the invisible mechanism, the invisible motivation? The invisible Apple or Google of sharing business models?

3. What will the 5 largest companies of 3015 be like? 

Will they be like Apple or Google? Will they be banks? Will they be visible multi-national corporations? Will we have either nations or corporations or banks? What will we have instead? What is invisible now, but some are saying "If we only had a way to..." And "This would work for everybody, everywhere!" Will everything be biodegradable to sustain as a business product for 1000 Years? Start inventing now... Somebody will!

4. What will be most important for business and society? Reality or Virtual Reality? Human and natural life, or digital life? 

If life is to sustain and thrive for 1000 years, given emerging knowledge of the impact of technology on human health/mental focus -- what is missing that is all natural life yet feasible for billions of people? (See: Your Brain on Computers series, NY Times...)

5. Will we be growing our own food? Will we see food being grown everywhere -- or food being grown nowhere? Will food be natural or digital? Health experts are leaning toward fresh-out-of-the-ground builds health and longevity; hands-in-the-soil promotes longevity and is antidepressant. Will cooking be considered good exercise?

What will societies be like if we have more "Grass to Groceries"? (Credit to Bev Rose for this great meme: Grass to Groceries -- neighborhoods turn lawns into food and share both the output and the helpers to grow the food.)

Bonus Question: What will we have to re-learn?  Our genius thrives on everything that appears a mistake, might there be the gem of a great Lesson that leads to greater thriving for all life, here and on other planets? Will re-learning be one of our biggest industries?

Stay tuned for Part 2. 

Exercise: And start making your own list. On it could be the First Question for one of the greatest companies of 3015: The 1000 Year Company.  

Part 2 will include such questions as: Where is the water? How big will desalinization be? On Mars? Where is the marketing? Is there social media or is media gone and social what's left? Does marketing become education? Where are the children? Will we have schools or... Will we bus kids to Mars to learn to Terraform? Where will we see music? Where is the music created? How is it be created? And other fun questions that let you start designing your 1000 Year Business now for 3015 A.D. 

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Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Founder, Right Brain AerobicsOrganizational Training for Right Brain Aerobics Training for Innovation and Creativity. Former VP, Merrill Lynch & Senior Director AT&T Wireless, reporting to CIO; former Director, Phoenix House Foundation; former board member, Transition Whidbey for sustainability. National trainer and speaker, playwright and composer.

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