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Minds of the Future -- Innovating for Each Other: The Ultimate 1000 Year Plan?

Minds of the Future, by the Future, for the Future...
Make it Matter, Make it Last, Make it Destiny...
Innovation 2.0

Sandra H. Rodman, @SHRodman
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1000 Year Biz Plan. Former VP, Merrill 
Lynch,  Sr. Director, AT&T Wireless
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Update 6-3-15: After wishing for it in this blog--
BIODEGRADABLE sustainable non-toxic tech; 
2 articles popped up: 
The key will still be: Will the residue or manfacutring
be toxic or truly biodegradable & 1000 Year Friendly?

SHIFT GEARS! Innovate for Each Other...1000 Years hence? A new possible mind-set...beyond our love as individuals for vying to be recognized as idea-guru, inventor-genius, exciting pathways to personal fame and fortune unfolding...

Instead, what if we focus on innovating for each other -- "each other" being both today and Life in the Future 1000 Years Ahead? What's that business we might create? Who are those Minds of that Future we can develop, teach, by what we do now? 

"A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Can we do it? MUST we do it? Innovating for each other as a 1000 Year Plan! What changes?

Rules of the Road? For planetary civilizations where life systems  can be sustained millions of years here and on many planets...?

What if we're here precisely to learn to help all life thrive & diversify on many planets? 

Is that a hidden "Prime Directive"... WAIT! -- 

Are we about to discover our "real" Prime Directive as our planet full of life systems, life societies from microbe to planet-sized, is threatened with our great zeal for inventiveness...now needing awareness of interconnectedness-of-all-life to catch up with our evolving genius?
Are we about to discover that our Prime Directive is sustaining great diversity of thriving life for millions of years on millions of planets. Is that us? 

Is that what other advanced consciousness civilizations in other galaxies are doing? And we can't "see" them because our "seeing focus" needs to be retrained to see "Minds of the Future"?
Oops. Need to shift tactics, training, mindset. How to innovate for others of the future?
If it's not thriving, if it includes toxins/elec/EMFs/pollution that harms any life, is it truly an "innovation" of the future, by the future, for the future? 

DO WE REALLY NEED INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION, CHEMICALS, POISONS, WEAPONS, GADGETS, TECH-FILLED LANDFILLS? Is that supposed to be in our job description for Terraforming? Maybe not?

Can we write a new job description and Terraform a luxurious, healthy, non-polluted, creative, life-diverse, thrilling new Millennium! 

Is it time to think of ourselves as:

  • The 1000 Year Manager?
  • The 1000 Year Educator?
  • The 1000 Year Inventor?
  • The 1000 Year Mother...Sister, Daughter... for all living things...
  • The 1000 Year Father...Brother, Son...for all living things...

Will we learn that these views may be a central part of a more sustainable "futuristic" view -- than just dark metal-glass technocentric cities of our scifi? -- if we're to Terraform for 1000's of years? --:

Is it time to get creative when we learn what doesn't work or what threatens any life form at all, and take the potential-laden, vaster higher intelligence that created it all and Transform our Terraforming?

Opportunities galore for the 
clean up crew generations 
who may usher in a new era
 of true, life-sustaining 

Is there any other kind?

Might we redefine "innovation" to include long-term life, thriving everywhere? 

INNOVATION 2.0. Everybody survives. Everybody thrives. Everybody travels to other planets. 

Every person, animal, bird, planet, fish, microbe--feels safety, hope, inspiration when we're around? Is THAT a new kind of Innovation?


Are the ideas which feed our minds as important to keep organic, healthy, honoring all life -- as we seek to make our food systems and energy systems? 

"Thought breeds thought; children familiar with great thoughts take as naturally to thinking for themselves as the well-nourished body takes to growing; and we must bear in mind that growth, physical intellectual, moral, spiritual, is the sole end of education..." -- Charlott M. Mason 

If technology that is not yet-biodegradable, gadgets that produce hidden harm in elec/EMFs over long term, that harm physical life, food and air filled with chemicals -- is that a sustainable 1000 year healthy idea? 

If it isn't let's try new ideas! Might there be new rainbows of reimagining, transforming Terraforming waiting for us?

Should we simply choose to change what we're thinking, what we're doing and become 1000 Year Thinkers? This can be done over night. Simply lay out a 1000 Year Business Plan for any new inspired idea you have and see where it takes you.

"Sometimes being true to yourself means changing your mind. Self changes, and you follow." -- Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Is the first step of a 1000 Year Business Plan, to focus on 1000 Year healthy sustainable ideas? Ideas that are good for anytime? Any culture? Anywhere? Any life system? 

Does that open up whole new roadways for intelligence?

"It changes you forever, but you are changing forever anyway." -- Margaret Mahy, The Changeover

Interplanetary Intelligence?  Inter-millennium Intelligence? Intergalatic Intelligence...? New societies, new science, new social media: The 1000 Year Idea grows up...

Is this just the beginning of our accessing a higher intelligence and advanced consciousness societies?

"Someone once told me that we move when it becomes less painful than staying where we are." -- Anne Hines, The Spiral Garden


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