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Will Quantum Computers Spark Quantum Intelligence? The Age of the Quantum Computer.

Planet-wide Visionary Rules from Thomas Edison:  
M. A. Rosanoff: "Mr. Edison, please tell me what laboratory rules you want me to observe." 
Edison: "There ain't no rules around here. We're trying to accomplish somep'n!"

Quantum Computers, says a Newsweek article, will change everything:
"Quantum Computers Will Make Your Laptop Look Like an Abacus."
A quantum leap for our society if ever there was one... And perhaps -- as it is coming so SOON after the first personal computers relative to the length of human history -- sure to get us doing a 1000 Year Business Plan! Soon.

But quantum thinking about quantum computers -- that's the real magic being sparked; and quantum thinking may have the greates implications of all for your 1000 Year Business Plan! 

Better said: the impact and interactions of human consciousness at the quantum/micro/nano level, necessary to conceive of, program, and invent in quantum non-local realms -- this is only discussed at the very very very very far edges of experimental science, psychology, and technology. On account of you have to discuss:

Non-Local Mind

This will become an even bigger debate that it is now.  Because quantum computing is, in effect, a kind of "non-local" computing concept -- and that means throw the rules for usual space/time understanding are "out the window." But we can't throw them "out the window," if we can't understand what's "out the window" after we do...

"The future is there...looking back at us. Trying to make sense of the fiction we will have become." -- William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

Walking on the Moon - 1969. Wikipedia
What else might we do with 1000 Year Thinking & Quantum Computers?

Ah: The Magic of 1000 Year Planning.  Instead of trying to design a new IPO for next year -- might you decide to try designing the "quantum Apple" or "quantum Google" of 50 years from now -- by starting now...  100 years from now? More?

If you're an innovator -- if you're going to create the next "new new thing" - isn't that where you'd look? At the very very very very far edges of experimental quantum science, psychology, and technology?

Quantum Computing -- is going to get us talking about quantum thinking and quantum consciousness; partly because: It's very hard to work as a designer/programmer/seller of quantum computers without understanding quantum concepts. 

Max Planck, Considered the father of quantum theory--Wikipedia.
Could Max Planck program a Quantum Computer?

For one thing, superposition -- a key to quantum computing's amazing capability (because of it, every 1 & 0 is BOTH 1 & 0 and in combinations not just one or the other) -- but you have to know what superposition means.  What does it mean?

Somebody is going to have to teach and learn new concepts that might be mind-boggling -- but like the internet as it began -- maybe the most exciting thing you ever worked on. And every industry will be impacted the field is now wide open for New Quantum Leap Innovators. Somebody is going to have to learn it and teach it -- enough to program using its concepts. And somebody is going to make a "quantum leap" in how to do that well... (Wikipedia only hints at the potential in its description of Quantum Computing basic concepts -- like Qubits and Bloch Spheres. Look here)

Wow -- the most exciting thing in computing in more than 100 years is coming -- and the field is still wide open. BUT WAIT!!!! ---- AND THIS IS A BIG AND EXCITING "BUT WAIT!" -- Read more --

You can't program what you can't imagine. And if you don't understand basic concepts in quantum mechanics, such as superposition, you won't be doing much quantum programming... 
Careers of the Future? Or is it Minds of the Future...? And what will this do to HR?

We might have to understand what quantum actually means. Beyond quantum leap. To dream it, to discuss it, we will have to use a new vocabulary and new non-linear and non-local concepts (quantum level outside usual space-time rules). Every time we do, that's a new mind. We will be stretching our usual linear and local "left brain" imaginations into non-linear more "right brain" creative minds into new territory. Einstein wasn't that good in school, he said -- but he had a great mind for quantum concepts. Could that be YOU...??


We use concepts like Quantum Leap. But what does that even mean? Should we know what it means? Will a quantum computer be able to do it? Or is it what we already human intelligence can do with "aha!" ideas in "alpha" mind/brain state? Leaping beyond the linear-step-by-step local discovery -- to connect dots far far away from each other and seemingly disparate, into some new business or societal solutions... from the wheel to light bulbs to AirBNB to space flight.

Food for thought: How many "aha!" ideas does it take to make one quantum computer? How many quantum computers does it take to make one "aha!" idea? 
But don't humans do this all the time?...

Looking 1000 years out -- that's what you want to be thinking about. Are "aha!" ideas still going to be essentially human province? To conceive based on how quantum computers put together 1's and 0's and combinations of things that are both 1's and 0's...? Or can quantum-thinking humans create quantum-thinking computers -- even telepathic? That's where you want to be thinking, for the 1000 Year Business...


As I understood it -- the concept was originally used to describe an ability of electrons to "leap" about at the atomic level to another trajectory or orbit when there is a state change -- see "Atom" at Wikipedia. (Add a comment to make that clearer if you know how to make that clearer)... 

Better -- enjoy some quantum concept education now: Below is a link to a very useful DVD Documentary that explains it via visuals quite well, by the Ph.D. who's intro quantum mechanics text book is still the one you're going to get if you want to be a physicist. 
I enjoyed the explanations of physicist Amit Goswami, Ph.D. in the DVD Documentary, "The Quantum Activist." Amazon. Goswami web site. A time will come when we might add that to a resume or Twitter Profile:
Skills & Interests: Quantum Activist

But most of us DO know what "quantum leap" thinking means in the innovation/business sense: Irreverently leaping to "out there" and "aha!" ideas, connecting dots and possibilities no one else yet sees -- literally "leaping" to wildly exciting crazy ideas...but not so crazy that no one can see the potential.

Hitting at "just the right spot" -- the "Goldilocks Spot" of Innovation: We can understand it enough to see it is genius and we want it, but it's still a great mystery how to do it or leverage it or turn it into a business. 

Yowza. But we want one or it, whatever it is. Something in us "surges" when we hear about it. Like when we first saw the internet (those of us who were around in the magical decades between "oh wow, I saw my first computer (or first TV set in my case) today" -- and 2015 TODAY!!!... Chances are the wild "oh wow's" of 2050 will be beyond even our present imagination.


THE SURGE. THE QUEST FOR THE PEAK "AHA!" EXPERIENCE -- that is what drives our crazy-ideas creative higher intelligence!

The Quantum Creative Computer may seem like the next Internet.

But it may be that the Quantum Creative Mind -- that its invention is preparing societal paradigms to perceive/ conceive/ imagine -- may be the most amazing result of the first Quantum Computers!!

If you have to learn to "think quantum" to use/program/design for quantum computers -- then you'll be pushing the edge of your own perception and stretching your imagination into the next next big thing. Which won't be Quantum Computers at all.

So, for Innovators -- is what we want to be looking at right now -- what the designers of Quantum Computers are thinking about comes after?

Once they've almost figured out how to do this, how to apply it -- and we're almost there -- they will extrapolate at new levels.

A quantum computing designer is in much vaster contemplation of universal "superposition" and all sorts of technology that is non-local -- outside of regular space and time.

Wouldn't we want to ask them what they're already thinking of that is Beyond Quantum Computing? And aim now for a fledgling service or business for THAT. Now THAT would be Quantum Leap thinking for The Age of the Quantum Computer!

Beyond Quantum Computing? Not ready?
Well, at least aim a new fledgling service or business at The Age of The Quantum Computer. And somebody you know is already doing that...

But wait... Isn't quantum level thinking, that gets us into areas of non-local (outside regular time-space concepts) concepts -- getting us into intuitive thinking (outside regular time-space concepts -- seeing way ahead of the curve what others do not yet see).

  • Can high levels of non-local intuitive thinking -- intuitive intelligence -- result from high levels of the ability to think/design/program for quatnum computing?
  • Can high levels of non-local intuitive intelligence lead to high levels of Telepathy? Isn't this the same sort of non-local mind ability? If we can design/program quantum computers outside the regular space-time concepts -- won't we by definition have more intuitive and even telepathic minds?
  • If we have telepathic minds, do we need quantum computers? Do we need communications equipment? Do we need social media? Will we BE social media? 
No. We'll need something else. 

Now: WHAT IS THAT SOMETHING ELSE beyond quantum computers? That's where your Quantum Intelligence is going to be looking. And that's what 1000 Year Thinkers are going to discover... What if you were the one?

“God does not play dice with the universe.” -- Albert Einstein, The Born-Einstein Letters 1916-1955

“Not only does God play dice but... he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen.” -- Stephen Hawking


A personal note of zeal...about 1000 year thinking...

After decades working in corporations in technology/strategy innovation -- and other decades in creative arts and meditative/intuitive arts -- the work of the last decade just pales all of that. So far in the stratosphere, beyond what I could have imagined as my "daily work." And it just happens to be, accidentally, in this area of quantum or non-local creative intelligence. And it just happens to be, accidentally, the most exciting thing I've ever worked on in 7 decades. 

Whatever it is called, creating Right Brain Aerobics, Right Brain Think Tank, Beyond Cosmic Mind, Star Talk, 1000 Year Business Plan, it's all really experimenting and training in unexpected ares of "quantum leap" non-local thinking. 

And it is beyond any "discovery" exploration I ever expected in life. But I think we're all headed there. 

Anything you can do today, to begin to stretch your "quantum leap" mind into the new spheres of quantum leap consciousness -- even dare we call it "cosmic consciousness" -- DO IT!! I most love the more meta-physical experiments, with cosmic consciousness and non-local thinking sessions. For those who want to explore "beyond cosmic mind." 

The interesting thing is that we discover every week that those who might be senior executives in large corporations -- or start-ups -- are wildly curious about quantum intuitive thinking. They're Star Trek and sci-fi fans. Who knew? I was. Is that a clue about who we really are -- and what we can become, 1000 years out?

I suspect, greatly, that the vastness, the surprises, the boundaryless vista of human quantum intelligence that appear in every right brain session are just the tip of the iceberg... 

Join us anytime from anywhere -- for Right Brain Think Tank... It's a private invitation TeleWorkshop to stretch the creative higher intelligence "right brain-storming" into new realms, any subject or discipline. Let me know if you want an invitation and would like to experiment. sandra@rightbrainaerobics.com

Right Brain Think Tank. 



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