Sunday, June 28, 2015

12 Points: 1000 Year Thinking & The Psychology of the Driverless Car Revolution

Innovators Call...
12 Points: 1000 Year Thinking & The Psychology of the Driverless Car Revolution.  Food for thought & the 1000 Year Mind...
"Let us invent a vibrant and thriving 1000 Year Future together... Sustainable in mind as well as matter." -- S.H. Rodman

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This blog prompted this morning by reading the excellent "The Driverless Economy" by Kas Thomas... Raising issues of job loss or income loss as we go driverless... Also reading on the business side: "Driverless Cars Will Reshape the Economy..." - Huffington Post - "The Economics of Uber, Driverless Cars, and The Auto Industry" - Seeking Alpha

1. The Human Psychology Transformation & the Driverless Car. 

How fun is that? You're watching a car drive itself. 

What's the psychology of the Driverless Car? Strong evidence that modern humans LIKE to drive their own cars! It's an aspect of modern identity -- permeating psychology and languaging, which translates to business and software -- "drivers" are good; "drivers" are powerful!
  • Will there be a "driver" identity and languaging if nobody drives?
  • As raised in the Thomas blog -- big airliners are essentially on autopilot; pilots monitor, except for takeoff and landing. But still many people want to "fly" and do buy their own planes.  So: Will having a fast car you can drive yourself become as expensive as owning an airplane is today?
  • Will we care at all about "land cars" in 1000 Years? Preferring aircars or flying cars by then? Will there be Driverless Flying Cars? Drones we ride in?
  • Do we need the pollution, having land-fill-headed cars of any kind? Will we create societies that thrive naturally without "cars" as we know them?
Is it increasingly true that with every new TECHNOLOGY comes a new UNINTENDED PSYCHOLOGY? But wait --

Perhaps the #1 UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE of Inventors focused on inventions headed toward IPOs--Not even on the Business Plan of the invention--The New Psychology Created by the Invention. Innovators/Media Specialists/Entertainers/Psychologists take note -- new business territory abounds where new invention creates new psychology.

Maybe we should have more Inventors focused on IPLs than IPOs...: Innovation Proposals for Longevity (IPLs)...Legacy! History! 1000 Year Inventors...! Inventors Whose Long-term Vision Saves A Living Planet...

2. Will anything remotely resembling individual drivers/individual cars with engines exist 1000 Years from now?

Try this Innovator's Right Brain Exercise
Innovator's Exercise: Shift your brain/mind into deep Alpha state (here's a "Right Brain Start Up exercise to do that) and "Remote View" the future 1000 Years from now...

Can you "see" a new model of car/driver that would allow life/ecology to thrive globally here and on other planets we colonize? Or a new transportation model for human culture?

How would you like to be THAT inventor...? But wait! There's the Robotics of it All -- 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

1000 Year Innovators Challenge: 100% Guaranteed Sustainability

1000 Year Innovators & Entrepreneurs Challenge:

Sandra H. Rodman, @SHRodman
CEO/Creator, Right Brain Aerobics

What if you had to guarantee that your invention & the device on which it is served--is 100% biodegradable, healthy for all life, no toxins left in the ecosystem, water, air, dumps, food chain--no harm to any life, sustainable for 1000 Years?

What if that were the new definition for Innovation? What if the knowledge to innovate in this way created whole new libraries for human intelligence and compassion?

What if the Prizes for such inventions were so great that you would devote all of your time to winning?

Is that a way to train Minds of the Future?

"A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown." -- Denis Waitley
Live like all life depended on it...

S.H. Rodman
Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Founder, Right Brain AerobicsOrganizational Training for Right Brain Aerobics Training for Innovation and Creativity. Former VP, Merrill Lynch & Senior Director AT&T Wireless, Director, Phoenix House Foundation; former board member, Transition Whidbey for sustainability. National trainer and speaker, playwright and composer.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Minds of the Future -- Innovating for Each Other: The Ultimate 1000 Year Plan?

Minds of the Future, by the Future, for the Future...
Make it Matter, Make it Last, Make it Destiny...
Innovation 2.0

Sandra H. Rodman, @SHRodman
CEO/Creator, Right Brain Aerobics
1000 Year Biz Plan. Former VP, Merrill 
Lynch,  Sr. Director, AT&T Wireless
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Update 6-3-15: After wishing for it in this blog--
BIODEGRADABLE sustainable non-toxic tech; 
2 articles popped up: 
The key will still be: Will the residue or manfacutring
be toxic or truly biodegradable & 1000 Year Friendly?

SHIFT GEARS! Innovate for Each Other...1000 Years hence? A new possible mind-set...beyond our love as individuals for vying to be recognized as idea-guru, inventor-genius, exciting pathways to personal fame and fortune unfolding...

Instead, what if we focus on innovating for each other -- "each other" being both today and Life in the Future 1000 Years Ahead? What's that business we might create? Who are those Minds of that Future we can develop, teach, by what we do now? 

"A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Can we do it? MUST we do it? Innovating for each other as a 1000 Year Plan! What changes?

Rules of the Road? For planetary civilizations where life systems  can be sustained millions of years here and on many planets...?

What if we're here precisely to learn to help all life thrive & diversify on many planets? 

Is that a hidden "Prime Directive"... WAIT! --