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“Will Quantum Computing Disrupt Business, Society, & Mind? 3 Key Questions.” 1000 Year Business Thinking


“Will Quantum Computing Disrupt Business, Society, & Mind? 3 Key Questions.” 1000 Year Business Thinking at a Whole New Level…

S.H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics

From “Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness,” Bruce Rosenblum & Fred Kuttner, University of California, Santa Cruz…

“Quantum theory is the most stunningly successful theory in all of science. Not a single one of its predictions has ever been wrong. Quantum mechanics has revolutionized our world. One-third of our economy depends on products based on it. However, this physics can look like mysticism. Quantum experiments display an enigma that challenge our classical worldview. The worldview demanded by quantum theory is, to borrow the words of J.B.S. Haldane, not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose…”

With companies such as Google & IBM currently leading the way, we are closer every month to solving technical problems and enabling quantum computing. It can lead to new speeds – but also new paradigms, languaging, AI and psychology. (Google Milestone - - IBM showing off a Quantum Computing Chip – MIT Tech Review. )

Are we looking at a new reality…? Analogy: Societies and psychologies before science, and after; before human space flight, and after.


Will quantum computing lead to the transformation of human identity
as well as perceptions of human reality?



Quantum Computing is coming—but as Physics professors Rosenblum & Kuttner well describe in non-technical terms in their excellent introductory book of 2006—is there a “boundary where the particular expertise of physicists is no longer a sure guide”?

Yet neither do psychologists generally consider their purview to be these outer reaches of consciousness impact on quantum physics experiments, explorations in quantum mechanics. Nor do AI specialists. Should they? Should we? 


As quantum computing and quantum business realities approach,
how informed do we want to be? Will we be observers –
or participants?


Do we want to know about the potential implications & consequences of unimaginable high speeds enabling unfathomable processing power and artificial intelligence? Butting heads with the same “quantum enigmas” and “spooky action at a distance” which still excite physicist investigators as they did Albert Einstein!

But more significant may be the impact of the development of required new human conceptual/contextual intelligence for quantum computing/inventions -- expanding creative intelligence to innovate, invent, experiment, and research far beyond common societal perceptions of reality; common cultural concepts; the current ability to imagine a visible reality.

In a sense: Quantum Computing is more about imagination and creativity in the invisible realities than the visible! How will this transform intelligence? Politics? Creativity? Education?

Wikipedia - Chip created by D-Wave

WHO MOVED MY DATA? -- But wait -- !


Forget about Cloud Services.
What about Quantum Services!

When your data is a matter of qubits –
exactly WHERE is your data?
And WHEN is your data?
How can you UNDERSTAND your data in “superposition”
contexts—ready but not having yet happened?

Ready, set, superposition, go…

Could Quantum Computing make
“Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt” tired old news
& transform all stock markets?



We enter a quantum arena outside of human mental concepts of linear time/space. Will our concepts and our minds be transformed? What would be the impact on our machine concepts/data – if human mental concepts, intelligence, creative ability to shift into non-local, non-linear, intuitive time/space?


Are we ready now -- to tackle this education ourselves; to educate ourselves and our children in every field so that we, too, are part of the psychological and social, technical, business, and moral/ethical innovations that will be required? Will we become part of teams of entrepreneurial scientific and technical thinkers, inventors, imaginers – daily exploring new thinking about “quantum enigma” worlds? Or sit on the sidelines as new conceptual realities are shaped into businesses and societies – or SHAPE our businesses and societies?


Will we need new training and languaging to become “Quantum Era Activists”? Quantum Era Inventors? Quantum Era Entrepreneurs? Quantum Era Educators? Quantum Era Environmentalists?
Quantum Era Parents? Quantum Era Farmers?
Quantum Era Health Specialists? Quantum Era Psychologists?


Like planting trees, the time for self-education about the implications, not just the technologies, as quantum computing develops and transforms science and society -- is yesterday. The next best time is now.


We have not thought of Education as political – but in the Quantum Age, self-education at new levels may be the greatest empowerment.
As minds and imaginations are wrapped around quantum concepts
and stretch into new dimensions! New communication!
What is Quantum Age Communication?



Are we ready to research now -- possible “unintended consequences” both positive and those needing antidotes!? What could be different about “quantum consequences”? Will we have time to react when “quantum problems” surface which we have not anticipated and for which we do not have the mental/perceptual ability to comprehend solutions?  Think unintended consequences of waiting too long to solve Y2k and combustion engine pollution. Might “Think Ahead!” take on a whole new urgency and meaning – a quantum definition?

Are we ready now to question and explore for egalitarian and global consequences?



3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself as We Approach a Quantum Future

1.     SELF-EDUCATION? Should we consider that every business and technology, every community and neighborhood, every society will be impacted, and take responsibility for self-education? Will this become part of an Entrepreneur’s responsibility, an Innovator’s responsibility – now and 1000 Years in the Future?

·       “Quantum Enigma,” written for the lay-person by two professors whose physics classes for non-scientists were often sold out at the time of the book’s writing – is a great place to start!  I also enjoyed Amit Goswami’s “Quantum Activist” Documentary – food for thought from another cultural perception and view of the spiritual/non-local consciousness intersections with quantum mechanics. Goswami’s introductory physics texts were the common introductions to physics in universities at the time of the documentary.

2.     FAMILY EDUCATION? Should we consider that we have a responsibility to educate our children, through stories and sharing our own new learning…? A family bonding around exploring, learning new quantum concepts? Girls and boys? What sort of family will have these conversations? What sort of neighborhoods and quantum-level educational systems?

·       The Power of Parents Storytelling… I well remember my father drawing in the sand showing my brother and I what the structure of an atom looked like…how the pictures are of electrons orbiting a nucleus were similar to pictures of orbits of planets around the Sun, even when we were children. And it stayed with me all my life… Thinking beyond… It served well.
·       This was not separate but part of our daily experience as kids as he also built telescopes as an Amateur Astronomer -- ground the telescope mirrors in the kitchen, built the tubes & a small backyard mini-observatory… The worlds of “Sky & Telescope” and even the structure of atoms were not outside of our experience, questions, and family dialogue. I believed this increased my school performance ability and expanded my imagination.
·       Can such family exploring, learning, science/cosmic storytelling play a role in educating our children in the Quantum Era…?

3.     TAKING RESPONSIBILITY WITH COMPASSION AND EMPATHY? Should we begin, with our education, to take responsibility to do our studies of new worlds of quantum concepts and quantum computing – and beyond? And with compassion and empathy, with moral and ethical conscience? Considering the global impacts? Seeking fairness in every area? Avoiding any possible environmental and ecological or health disturbances for life systems, food systems, and biology on our planet?

·       In an Age of Quantum Computing and Quantum Societies – do we need a new Age of Global Moral, Ethical, Compassionate Responsibility for all Life at the same time -- for this and all other new technologies, science, and artificial intelligence?

“You've got to reach for the stars, not for the ceiling.”
– Sam, “Quantum Leap” TV Show



Is the potential for a true “quantum leap” in societies’ technologies, just the time to consider the possibility that we have individual and local responsibilities for new levels of self-education—with the inspiration of the coming of such vastly new and different technologies?

Will higher levels self-education as a responsibility of society’s citizens itself mean a true “quantum leap” in human consciousness--necessarily egalitarian and compassionate, necessarily global: A new era of self-education and human conscience?


We have a system of natural environments on Earth that are highly biodiverse and have worked for amazing life to thrive in its environments for eons…

Now we have questions about how our innovations, chemicals, inventions are impacting that system of nature—questions about our human impact on all life systems. To continue to thrive, must we now ask these questions and research 1000 years ahead? An eon ahead?


Is it time, as we reach true “tipping points of new technologies,” to educate ourselves to take higher personal levels of responsibility to explore, research, and learn in order to make the best decisions to assure that businesses and families, neighborhoods, health for all biodiverse life – are thriving 1000 Years from now…? On any planet we inhabit?

Will the key question ultimately be a human consideration of Quantum Integrity, our own Quantum Intelligence—which we often see exciting evidence of in Right Brain Aerobics—as well as tackling the Quantum Enigmas of our universe?


“If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you,
you haven't understood it yet. -- Niels Bohr




1.     “9 Ways Quantum Computing Will Change Everything,” Time.

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3.     “Quantum Computers: Have Birds Got There First?” (Excellent analogies to help understand quantum aspects). Oxford University Press.

4.     “Will Quantum Computers Make Your Laptop Look Like an Abacus?” Example of Quantum Computing Forum dialogue and vocabulary…

5.     “Automation Makes Us Dumb”… Wall Street Journal and “Automation Is Making Us Stupid”

7.     “Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner’s Guide to the Mind,” James Mapes -

But is there a new role for Human Intelligence (HI) – with the need for and training of unexpected, higher creative human intelligence as we expand our minds into creative quantum computing and concepts? How do we truly impact reality with consciousness – and is our consciousness truly operating at quantum levels?


With greater quantum-concept self-education and understanding of greater unseen realities as we enter a Quantum Era – might we find out that natural human creative intelligence has a vaster role, a more magical impact on reality than we ever imagined?
That we are not who we think we are?


Merely unused and undeveloped, will we find our own all natural, organic, creative “quantum intelligence” is the most important discovery in the Quantum Era and has the greatest quantum impact of all?...

S.H. Rodman
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