Welcome to 1000 Years...!

Do we have Quantum Mechanics Minds?
Can we think up anything in the cosmos - and do it?
Go anywhere - impact life 1000 Years from now?

The 1000 Year Business Plan  Blog...is a labor of love. This is fun -- time to free up our long-term sense of play -- REALLY long term... because when you start thinking 1000 years ahead, you come upon a sense of play that you haven't encountered in a...well, a long time...

"There are children playing in the streets who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago." -- J. Robert Oppenheimer
This is where we're going, so why not start planning now??

In a way, this is thinking about Time Travel now -- reaching out across 1000 years on purpose. With good intention. In a way it is multiplying our imaginations by 1000 years...

The Freedom to Create...

I went crazy creating new things after "retiring" -- well, more like moving to another planet -- living on an unusual island in the Pacific. South Whidbey Island, north of Seattle and Redmond. I most wanted "the freedom to create." And this is sort of  an "island college of fine arts" and "environmental eco and cosmology community," -- a community where designing a 1000 Year Business Plan can come up as a serious agenda item in a meeting.

Right Brain Think Tank is a way to dial-up higher creative intelligence
in the Quest for the Peak "Aha!" Experience... RightBrainThinkTank.blogspot.com 

I went first to create "right brain business" training and thinking like Right Brain AerobicsRight Brain Think Tank, RightBrain Blogs. Then I really got serious about the future with Star Talk Academy & Interplanetary Communication, Ancient & Future Lineage Paths. "Cosmic Cowboys" and "Parallel Universe: Part 1 and 2" outer space musicals for the next era.  

I was "free to create" -- but didn't know I would stumble on Pandora's box with all of this right brain adventure. Wow...the freedom to create. Is there anything like it!!

In a way, our "freedom to create stuff" IS our way of living forever... 

But what would we do if we had the "freedom to create" over 1000 years???  

     “Someone's sitting in the shade today
     because someone planted a tree 
     a long time ago.” -- Warren Buffet

This idea of creative freedom, I realized, becomes more central to living as you get older -- legacy, destiny -- but does it have to stop at 75 or 100 years? Could we not have a destiny of 1000 years -- if we plan our missions with a 1000 Year Business Plan and see what we discover?

We can we learn if we begin to think and plan this way? And whom will we meet?  Do other civilizations in the universe already do this? Are some of the fliers in the skies actually us -- later?

Wouldn't it be fun is some of the UFOs were time travelers -- successful products built later by us using our 1000 Year Business Plan??

The 1000 Year Business Plan is to get your ideas spinning on a vaster grid, a longer timeline, a new paradigm with the motto: 

Make it last, make it matter, make it destiny.

Whether it is Physics or PhysEd or Quantum Apps -- could we train for it and train others with what we learn AS IF we were part of a 1000 Year Company? A 1000 Year Mission?  Is that possible?

What can happen when we start noodling on our company as a
1000 Year Company? What will we see differently?

Well, we WILL be famous 1000 Years from now. Ready or not. 
The question is why? For what? To whom? On what planet?

What if we ran businesses and lived our lives as part of 1000 Year Plans? At some level of our vaster multi-dimensional intelligence, do we do this? At some multi-dimensional multi-life subliminal non-local level IS this our psychological reality?

If we start thinking about a 1000 Year Business Plan -- can we do something to make this planet and other planets thrive as incalculably innovative and creative shangrilas in the universe -- for all explorers who want to "make it last, make it matter, make it destiny?"...

Might that be our destiny as explorers?

Try to create a Version 1.0 for your 1000 Year Business Plan -- and watch what cool things happen to your business imagination... And your relationships!...

S.H. Rodman


“The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed." 
- William Gibson

Sandra Hudlow Rodman

The 1000 Year Life Coach - 425-214-2926 

(c) 2015 S.H. Rodman. Photo/Art Credits: iStockPhoto and S.H. Rodman
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