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1000 Year Biz Planning: Who'll Solve Runaway IoT? Recycling/EMFs, Increase in Things Changing Versions?

1000 Year Biz Planning: Who'll Solve Runaway IoT? Recycling/EMFs, Increase in Things, Changing Versions?

Once Toasters Are Digital & Connected, will we have a new
version we must switch to every time IoT op systems change?
Multiply x 7 bn people and millions of things that presently
might last 20 yrs -- suddenly having to turnover every couple
of years. Can you afford it? Where will we toss the old
versions after the first few 100 years? Photo: Morgue Files.

7 Questions about the hidden opportunities & planet-wide challenges inherent in our move into a global (interplanetary?) Internet of Things (IoT)?

Who'll get there first to solve the "unintended consequences" before the new ecological/environmental overload? Prime target for 1000 Year Business Planning Entrepreneurs. 


    If all "things" go digital -- will they have to be tossed & replaced constantly as technology changes annually?

    I'd personally get into the "creative-recycling/upcycling-of- electronics" business fast. Or the Moon/Mars-colonization landfills business. If I were an enterprising young entrepreneur...

    Think 1000 Years & 7 bn people as the starting point.  Digital "things" mean a toaster that could have lasted for decades will now have to be tossed in a landfill (or a recycle scheme will have to be invented). Because it will now last only as long as the IoT operating system/connectivity scheme it was designed for.

    Who are the entrepreneurs and enterprises who'll solve this -- starting with imagining a 1000 Year Business Plan for a sustainable Earth ecology/environment/health as #'s of "things" multiply exponentially?

    Might this be not just a "nice to have" but mandatory for sustainability of life systems for the next 1000 Years? No more "throw away" of electronics permitted. Who will be the Entrepreneurs who solve that?
But wait! -- 

How are your skills for solving 1000 Year Problems?...  Even of the most mundane kind.  The 1000 Year Toilet?

Could this be a 1000 Year Toilet? Totally Sustainable?
Or if Toilets become digital interconnected things, might it
last only a couple of seasons? Why would you want to make
toilets digitally connected? Ah. There is no end to
Our Quest for Data. Feedback. Health monitors.
Photo: Morgue Files
  • WHO'LL SOLVE The FINITE MATHEMATICS & FINITE PLANET PROBLEMS? Just how many "things" can one planet the size of Earth handle in landfills? Do we need everything digitized and connected? Before we solve what to do with the results -- explosion in # of versions, editions of every "thing" based on operating systems and digital breakthroughs? Before, a thing might have lasted decades of centuries. A Toilet. A Fence. A Door. :) Who'll solve this? Enterprises? Entrepreneurs? National Labs?

    The 1000 Year Door.  No wait -- if it's on the IoT no door can last 1000 Years. Unless you're the entrepreneur that specializes in the creation of Things That Last 1000 Years.  One more time: Grab up all of those analog things. The time will come...
How will advanced Quantum Computing and Atomic Energy Computing
impact the Internet of Things -- and human life?
What do we NOT know, that we SHOULD know before
connecting Everything-to-Everything at the Quantum Level of
Atomic Energy. Just how Nuclear do we want to go?
Just how FAST do you want your Toaster or your Fridge to be?
Photo: Morgue Files

  • HOW WILL QUANTUM COMPUTING IMPACT THE INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT)? Quantum Computing is already going to mean the replacement, ultimately, of every computer and all electronics -- what if it comes after the IoT is global? Will we have to then replace all the "digital" things again? What entrepreneur or enterprise is thinking decades or centuries out, to create the company or solution to handle this now. Like Y2K and air pollution from combustion engines -- this is coming. Why not be the entrepreneur who solves the problem BEFORE it escalates? Would this be a model 1000 Year Company?

  • HOW WILL THE 3D PRINTER IMPACT THE INTERNET OF THINGS? Will IoT mean a exponential increase in the annual # of "things" we manufacture, print at home or office -- literally setting up most humans and businesses to be able to manufacture their own physical products globally. Oops, even that 3D printer will be part of the Internet of Things. Just how often will it need replacing? The printers can be as expensive as a used car -- oops -- your connected car will have to be replaced more often too!*
Who will Integrate the Operation Systems and reduce obsolescence?
Will every new vehicle and gadget, every refrigerator and appliance,
mean buying a new "thing" to sync with the current OS in the IoT?
Who pays for this? Where will the Landfills hold obsolete "things" from the IoT?

  • WHO'LL SOLVE THE OPERATING SYSTEM INTEGRATIONS & OBSOLESCENCE? If every time Apple, Android, Microsoft, or the new IoT technology platform disruptors coming soon, change operating system versions, will your IoT have to have an upgrade too? Will you have to toss your IoT things faster? What about Quantum Computing Iot? Do you really want to have to replace your now-much-more-expensive digital robotic refrigerator, toaster, microwave, coffee maker, security system, remotes, TVs, and more, wearable connected clothing -- every year?
If Every-Thing is connected digitally, Every Thing is hackable.
Will there be Big Data theft of Refrigerator Reports? Night Light Security Cams?
Lamps? Just how "private" will a "Thing" you buy -- really be?
Will whole new industries spring up around IoT Privacy & Security? EMFs?
Photo: Morgue Files

  • COULD THE INTERNET OF THINGS MEAN NEW ENVIRONMENTAL & PRIVACY/SECURITY LAWS?  Will there be physical and psychological/emotional impacts from every "thing" in your environment monitoring itself -- and you?

    What will be the impact when your driverless car -- or your digital refrigerator -- are hacked and a lot of personal information leaked on the internet?  Or hijacked?

    Can you see the headline? "10 Million Refrigerators Hacked for Celebrity Personal Eating Habits Data."

    Will Papparazzi be replaced by IoT hackers after Celebrity Toaster data?  Just how "hackable" -- or monitorable -- do humans want their whole lives to BE...

    The Circle, a futurist novel by Dave Eggers.
    Do you REALLY want every moment and all information
    about your life and the Things you buy - to be Interconnected
    and online? #Rethink. Photo: Amazon Ad for Novel. Buy and read!

    Wondering? Read the novel, The Circle - Dave Eggers... Powerful food for thought -- and perhaps a futurist prediction.

    Our Times...

    Are we ripe NOW for entrepreneurs who want to be there with new companies to handle the "unintended consequences"? 

    Could we reach a point where some want to have a ban on an Internet of Things for certain homes or businesses? Would you be able to BUY a non-connected refrigerator, car -- home?

    "1000 YEAR BUSINESS PLANNING: 5 ENTREPRENEURIAL ANALOG START UPS.  Buy up EVERY old analog version of "things" likely to be connected on the IoT and you will later have a thriving upcycled analog business...
Escape from the Internet Of Things? Will there come a time when lack
Security & Privacy Programs, Entrepreneurs will create alternatives to
being globally (or interplanetarily) connected 24/7?
Photo: iStock Photos.

  • 7 WHAT COMES AFTER THE INTERNET OF THINGS -- After the time when all Clothes become Wearables, 3D Printing at Home and Office, Quantum Computing, Chips-in-the-Brain become commonplace?  Likely, a huge resurgence of the POWER of direct human-to-human communication, human creative meta-consciousness and intuition, heart-to-heart in-person forums (!), off-the-digital-grid resorts and getaways -- or:
"ESCAPE FROM THE INTERNET OF THINGS..." The movie... The resort...


*1000 Year Planning: Might you be the Entrepreneur who invents Sustainable, Non-Toxic, Green 3D Printing?

How toxic are the 3D printing links? (After becoming dizzy breathing in fumes from a simple printer heat press to print on objects like t-shirts -- my sense is to take this seriously before bringing in your hot new 3D printer!)

New health/environmentally threatening toxins in homes/offices and new health problems? What enterpreneurs or enterprises will come up with non-toxic recyclable versions. Rethink this? Remember 2nd hand smoke? Might 3D printing fumes/residue in the home make 2nd hand smoke look good? Think Microwaves are safe? Why did the Russians ban Microwave Ovens? 

What iconic Entrepreneurs and inventors will solve this problem with 1000 Year Thinking? Shields? New sustainable approaches, better result? 

-- William Shakespeare

More links & ideas to be added. Your Thoughts? 
Want to contribute? 

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