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Welcome to The 1000 Year Business Plan: Make It Matter, Make It Last, Make It Destiny

What if you went to an MBA School and every class was focused on 1000 year planning? Who would you be, and what societies would we produce? (See Exercise at end.)

The 1000 Year Business Plan, 1000 Year Financial Planning (who's to say that you're not planning the financial future for your family 10 generations ahead right now, with every personal choice? Who's to say there will be such a thing as "financial planning" in shared interplanetary civilizations 10 generations hence?) What will there be?

It's about to get real serious real fast. We're passing the Silicon barrier and Intel and everybody else are looking for something else. Are you in the "something else" business yet? No? Get thinking about it because it's here.

“New streets should be Twitter friendly and be named with hashtags up front. I’d build a house on ‪#‎LoversLane.” -- Jarod Kintz, Write like no one is reading…

Who Moved My Qubit? What's a Computer??

We're approaching Quantum Computing (Google just hit a milestone in development) and you'll have to learn qubits -- "Who Moved My Qubit?" will be a popular new book...

Though who knows if Quantum Computing will be around in 1000 years -- or computing at all? "What's a computer?" -- they might ask! In Grace Hopper's day in early programming, the women who did the computing were called "the computers.

Do They Have Swamp Gas on Ceres?

As we orbit the asteroid Ceres with its two sparkling "mystery lights" -- goodness only knows what THOSE are (I mean what they really are; wonder if they have swamp gas on Ceres?) -- and as we work on colonization missions for Mars and the Moon proceed anon: Well!

Wouldn't a 1000 Year Car make sense if you're going to live in deep space? Hey -- it takes a LONG TIME to get a part from Earth if your carburetor goes out!
Read Kurt Vonnegut's "Sirens of Titan"... Great pre-planning tips for writing a 1000 Year Business Plan. Don't let this happen to you!)
Want a big Brain Stretch right now? Want to spark your "quantum leap innovators mind" -- jump into a new timeline!

Want to get a new "lease" on long-term life? Start Writing Your 1000 Year Business Plan now and watch what happens to your daily "To Do List"... to your sense of what is really innovative over eons, what is really creative when it has to last 1000 years?

What will 3015 business planning look like?
Will there be business?
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Intention Is Invention

It may be only necessary that we START writing The 1000 Year Business Plan -- the creative juices are going to flow into innovation in whole new rivers and oceans just imaging that you should start 3015 planning now!

Do you need a special tax accountant for your 1000 Year Business Plans? What if there are neither accountants nor taxes in 3015?

We may not hit our targets -- but the only target we might need hit: Is to try to think 1000 Years into the future and create a serious business plan for our legacy mission, company, work, art, book, music, technology, science, community...

I Looked Up & Saw Myself on the Other Side of the Room. Whew!

What if there are no humans at all as we know them but something rather different, and it is us?  Do we levitate? Are we telepaths? Can we bi-locate? Will we multi-task in multi-dimensional realities?  ("The first time I looked up and saw myself on the other side of the room -- Whew! It was such a shock that I didn't know what to do!!" -- Paul Hudlow)
What if there are no "businesses" as we know them but something rather different?...
Time to get going on "New Concepts in REAL LONG Long-Term Planning." (A different kind of motivational speaking?) Because we may come to have "no obsolescence" laws; or no "laws" at all -- if we're to become many multiples of 7 billion humans on many planets with many "light years" between encountering goodness knows what kind of Interplanetary Chamber of Commerce. 

"...only a very advanced consciousness can even part-interpret the meaning of a decade at its end. Our culture isn't filled with those." -- Mike Scott, @MikePuck, Twitter.
And the meaning of a future millennium at its beginning?... :) Ah, but this is our quest, in The 1000 Year Business Plan... 

The 1000 Year Business Plan Motto:

Make It Last. Make It Matter. Make It Destiny...


What are your ideas about 1000 Year Destiny?

S.H. Rodman


Applying The 1000 Year Business Plan

1. Pick 1 or 2 Categories that apply to your business or mission and put them in this context: "The 1000 Year _______________" (fill in the blank.)  Then list several things you might do differently if you want to contribute effectively and be well-remembered in 1000 years...  This can change your current business plan and "to do list."
My 1000 Year Business Plan:

2. Meditate on this concept, The 1000 Year Business Plan. (Use your usual meditation technique first -- or try Right Brain Start Up Audio Exercise with sound focused on creative ideas about The 1000 Year Business Plan).  Journal ideas that pop up as symbols, random thoughts, random images or sounds. Apply this to thinking more creatively about your own mission.


"Always, Always have a plan..." -- Rick Riordan

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