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Ultimate Marketing: Social Media from Mars? Interplanetary MBA? & NASA Prepares for Space Living...

"We will start inhabiting outer space," says Angelo Vermeulen, crew commander of a NASA-funded Mars simulation. "It might take 50 years or it might take 500 years, but it’s going to happen."  Angelo and his team are already focused on a 500 Year Business Plan.  Why not a 1000 Year Business Plan?
Is it time to activate your Interplanetary Commerce & Interplanetary Social Media imagination?
Watch Angelo Vermeulen's TED GLobal  Talk, 2014: "How to Go to Space without Going to Space."  

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Ah -- a whole new take on Interplanetary Career Planning and "Extraterrestrial Life"... All Astronauts who travel to the moon or Mars are temporarily "extraterrestrial" -- will your great grandchild working on a Moon project be an "extraterrestrial engineer"? 

Will "The Ultimate Marketing Plan," considered now, have us conceiving of designs for interplanetary social media/communication now...

Angelo Vermeulen's crew is already looking at creating new kinds of "sustainability": Growing food to sustain you on Mars...? But what about Social Media Sustainability? Sustaining your TRULY LONG-DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS...? Tweeting from Mars, marketing from Mars (imagine how valuable Mars location videos could be for advertising or entertainment?) 

"Interstellar," the movie, raises the issues of time travel and non-local consciousness communication methodologies -- as practical problems that we will have to solve. But with different minds. The very act of non-local travel changes consciousness -- as most Astronauts have reported.  


Are we training minds to create and conceive in these terms? In 1000 Year -- or 1000 Light Year -- terms?  

1000 Year Business Plan "thinking" is coming fast. You could work on Angelo's crew and have an "Interplanetary Projects" career -- right now! 

But are we preparing new generations for "interplanetary mind intelligence, consciousness"?... 

  • For an "Interplanetary MBA"? 
  • For "Remote Viewing Your Friends on Mars: A New PSI/Intuition Certificate Course." You may need this. 
We can offer creative Remote Viewing Courses from Right Brain Aerobics now -- but what we might be clamoring to "Remote View" in space may soon change! 

Will we change with it? Will our perception of different ranges of light/sound be trained or augmented with technology shortly to perceive other realities -- and perhaps extradimensional civilizations?  Will the next space movie be: "Extradimensional!" and go beyond "Interstellar" travel...?

Once you prepare 5 Bullet Points for My 1000 Year Business Plan: You have shifted your imagination energy, your mental electromagnetics into a kind of unknown mind-hyperspace. 

And Sports research has taught us that the body/mind don't know the difference -- running the race in your mind imagination the body/mind similarly to running the race "live." 

If we begin to plan, imagine, and write 1000 Year Business Plans, will we change the future?

...The first time you "imagine" a 1000 Year Business Plan, you are imagining a 1000 Year Life -- not just legacy planning for your business but "life extension" thinking or "extreme life" thoughts will begin to pervade your perception. Actually increasing the years of perspective in the way you look at solving any technical or marketing problem.

If you plan to have your business be around a long time, you're going to have to think way beyond what it will be about in 10 years!

Thinking 1000 years ahead starts training a new mind... A new "interplanetary" thought leader. "The Long Now" Foundation was created for this, and outgrowth of The 10,000 Year Clock project...to train new "long view" minds...

But this will impact business as well as science and philosophy, and this area of innovation is wide open with opportunity thinking...

Might you be the first to create truly "Interplanetary Social Media" that would scale? Rather than a Radio Telescope sending signals on the SETI project -- might you try Cosmic Tweeting to Neptune or Alpha Centuri and just see what happens?...

What are your thoughts?

Watch for an upcoming programs on "The 1000 Year Mind" -- on  Right Brain Think Tank for Innovators... "1000 Year Innovation Thinking: Activating 'Space Mind' and 'Beyond Earth Thinking...' 

Right Brain Aerobics' new "Beyond Cosmic Mind" series is focusing now on "Activation of Cosmic Mind Thinking" and even "Remote Viewing for Time Travel." But topics we teach now as imagination-creativity-stretching mental exercises may in the not-to-distant-future become standard topics for "Interplanetary Travel 101" courses at major universities. What will we learn -- or create -- about interplanetary culture? The preparation starts now... 

Who knows where the preparation may lead or what we will discover about our hidden destiny...?

Sandra Hudlow Rodman

The 1000 Year Life Coach - 425-214-2926 

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