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"1000 Year Social Media? Why Don't Extraterrestrials Carry Phones..? & Other Long-Term Business Issues"...

1000 Year Social Media? What Does that Look Like? 
Why Aren't Extraterrestrials on Twitter?
Why don't Extraterrestrials Carry Phones?

"Who will be unexpected customers in far decades coming? Isn't it time innovators begin to think of them now?" S.H. Rodman

Likely we start by planning for a time when there aren't computers or phones -- and perhaps consciousness/telepathy and technology will be subsumed by something else 10 generations new by then. 

No Screens? Virtual Reality Social Media? Interdimensional Social Media? Will there be a web at all -- or a Hyperspace Web? A Virtual Reality Reality??...

In literature regarding reported human interplanetary-travelling extraterrestrial  contact over the last 7 decades… The interesting thing about visitation reports by humans (many thousands, so imagine if only 5%-10% were true unknown encounters) -- well, the interesting thing is that nobody reports visitors using a phone; a pad; a watch or something like Goggles like Google Glass. Generally.

If they use screens, it is to show something to human beings -- we speak "screens."  But there aren't hordes of visitors reportedly checking iPads or laptop screens to see what to do next or pull up data about you. And any visitor who might be here in physical form would have been part of an advanced society of interstellar beyond-speed-of-light travelers for whom "1000 year" concepts in science and technology might be trivial.

So if they don't use these, what do they use? What will our technology look like in 1000 Years? What will we learn from other humanoid planetary civilizations?
"How will interstellar humans express the desire to create vastly   innovative new kinds of social media? Are we missing out right now?"
Extraterrestrials are often reported to be beings of supersensory intelligence -- hyperintelligence linked into hyperspace travel, who can arrange to use matter and energy according to other laws or perceptions of reality, to travel outside the laws of our known physics.


In the worlds of 1000 Years hence, will we know this, too?

Or maybe we will have to create new planes, not just new paradigms, of conscious technology if we seriously innovate around a 1000 Year Business Plan instead of a 1000 Hour Business Plan -- which I'm sad to say is too frequently the case if you're trying to launch a small startup with maximum creative freedom…

So I suspect we're going to have to go Beyond Screens. I'd like to write that one. Maybe something like:

 Wait -- didn't Jaron Lanier write that?

No that was "You Are Not A Gadget: A Manifesto." ( And You Should Read That -- to get a glimpse of what an inventor of Virtual Reality programming thinks about the long-term future… Really...

1000 Years hence, will we understand Virtual Reality in a completely different way? With different perception?

"How do you plan for who you don't know your species is going to become?"

To begin to formally plan with "The Long Mind" now may help us survive-and-thrive in any star system. Will phrases such as "multinational corporation" become "interplanetary commerce?"

What if we'd done a 1000 Year Business Plan at the beginning of the industrial age -- might we have avoided becoming "Landfill Planet" which is where most of our wonderfully creative innovations are winding up? How do we become creative at planes of intelligence where we do NOT create technology which doesn't biodegrade or have a completely different paradigm? Is this essential to 1000 Year Business? Will intending to create for success 1000 years hence -- actually help us transform our will Quantum Computing...?

As our intelligence and use of intelligence technology grow exponentially, each era only challenges us to get smarter about The Long Mind's planning and a serious consideration of The 1000 Year Business Plan…

S.H. Rodman


Applying The 1000 Year Business Plan

Stretch your creative imagination and develop a Long Term Marketing Plan for your interplanetary mission or business to take part in interplanetary, interstellar commerce which requires that technology and invention are biodegradable and have as a prime directive, the sustaining of thriving life for all life forms on the planet and in the star system.

My 1000 Year Interplanetary Marketing Plan


"A leader is someone who steps back from the entire system and tries to build a more collaborative, more innovative system that will work over the long term.” -- Robert Reich

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