Wednesday, April 29, 2015

3 Key Areas Where We May Have to Think Smarter for 1000 Years. Stephen Hawking Weighs In

WHATEVER your industry -- from food and dairy to technology and physics -- "1000 Year Thinking may be the new Black."

"3 Key Areas Where We May Have to Think Smarter Not Just Bigger for 1000 Years. Stephen Hawking Weighs In 
"Is 1000 Year Thinking the New Black?"

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We want to "Think Bigger" -- but if bigger thinking alone might cause us to miss serious problems (that we're missing) -- then we might need to start Thinking Smarter as well as Bigger for our 1000 Year Plan....

For SURE we have to start "Thinking Longer."  For SURE we have to start "Thinking with Empathy." Empathy may be key for "The 1000 Year Mind"; we're all in this together and our ecosystems are connected globally. 

  • For all we know, are there are electromagnetic and other "star system ecosystems" as well? That only 1000 Year Planners are thinking about; why are the other planets heating up now, too?
So here are 3 news articles that popped up today -- to spark your thinking. What Innovations are we missing by not Thinking Smart and not just Big -- when we review 1000 Year Planning in our society's choices? What if we're the society that first starts thinking 1000 Years Ahead!?  
Oops.  Wait. Some traditional people tried to think decisions based on "7 generations impact" -- so at one point we were thinking ahead. Traditional peoples had enough good processes to bring us and our ecosystem -- to survive and flourish for eons --  until we began to experiment with large cities, agriculture, chemicals, the industrial revolution.  Oops. But can we begin to transform our understanding and learn to thrive for eons in completely new ways -- if we start thinking:

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What's Our 1000 Year Plan? Could we actually have Presidential Candidates run on a 1000 Year Plan...? Stay tuned... 

Here are 3 Hot Articles for more 1000 Year Innovative Thinking Sparks...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

5 Reasons You Need a Chief Renewables Officer & Chief Tech Trends Officer!

From the 1000 Year Business Plan: "Make It Matter; Make It Last; Make It Destiny."

5 Reasons You May Need a Chief Renewables Officer & a Chief Tech Trends Officer--and an MBA Program that Trains Both + Right Brain Thinking! (+ 1 Bonus Reason)...

For 1000 Year Planning -- or even 10 Year Planning -- these 2 business areas are already key but not executive positions or company-wide focus (note Kodak and now Weight Watchers, hotel chains, cab companies disrupted by new tech/social trends that had foreseeable consequences -- and bricks-and-mortar retail chains and local stores that didn't respond creatively to online sales displacing store sales; online retailers that didn't prepare for Amazon disruption in every product area not just books; or didn't prepare for Google Ads to disrupt previous advertising strategies. Example of potential disruptive trend: Rumor only, floating about: Might Google buy Twitter? How might that information or a related corporate purchase eventually affect your business?)

  1. What's Creative Today Is Obsolete Tomorrow -- Fast... Appointing well-qualified Chief Officers in just these two areas -- focus on using renewables/recycling as BUDGET PLANNING - and on daily assessment of disruptive emerging tech trends' impact on your business within 2-10 or more years -- could mean the difference between a 1-10 year company success and a 100 or 1000 year company success. If you appointed 2 such officers you would shift whole-company thinking and creativity to a great extent -- even enhance your reputation with customers. 
  2. Customers Depend on (and Are Attracted to) Your Being Forward-Thinking & Innovative -- if you aren't, they'll go where the "next big thing" is. The inability to "see ahead of the curve" and be there with good options for customers, may be even more important for long-term stock value than just having a Quarter slightly head of the last. 
  3. Create Your Own Internal Innovative Sustainable/Creative MBA-equivalent Business Training. Innovation Expertise + Sustainability Expertise + Tech Trend Impact Expertise -- Says "We're a smart and innovative company that's the one to watch." We're modeling the help, not just giving advice.  MBA's don't generally include training for creativity, intuition, or "seeing ahead of the curve." And only some include training in business/financial implications of renewables/sustainability & long-term budget implications. They should -- but if they don't, you can internally. Would also be a plus for executive/managerial recruiting.
  4. If You're Not Already Thinking of a 1000 Year Business Legacy Plan -- others are. This will become second nature in sustainable global business expertise -- and you don't want to be left behind. Why wait and find out too late that you weren't thinking really really far ahead enough to see something no one else has seen? But others are? Suggestion: Give all managers -- or all employees -- an assignment to create a 1-Page 1000 Year Business Plan for your company/product and see what ideas pop up that you might never have anticipated, and that could change everything! Do this periodically and give high recognition for plan proposals that "pop up" emerging trends that could lead to greater business success!
  5. Long-term Sustainable Success Companies Are All Increasing Renewables Strategy + Tech Trend Shift Strategy focus company wide! Especially at Executive Levels!  The C-Suites that get this right will be tomorrow's leaders -- Sustainability Innovation & Tech Trend Savvy should distinguish the Future C-Suites! #ThinkAhead

But WAIT -- What you can do now -- and Bonus Reason #6! Read More

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quest for Higher Intelligence: Ask Bigger Long-Term Legacy Questions, Get Bigger Long-Term Legacy Answers

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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, 
build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -- Buckminster Fuller

Bigger Long-range Questions = Bigger Long-range Creative Intelligence? If we ask bigger, faster, long-term legacy-destiny questions -- we're going to get bigger, vaster, long-term legacy answers. Imagination-mind-brain focus and parameters will s-t-r-e-t-c-h and e-x-p-a-n-d. This can't be helped because of the what-you-see-is-what-you-get "WYSIWYG" nature of human conscious focus. 

Wider/Longer Focus -- Diversified Ideas? If you focus (superposition) your intelligence in a vaster environment of vaster questions, it's going to grow! Diversify! You're going to "see" a much larger context, vaster information, and need to engage larger imagination. You enter new "mental territory."

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Vaster Context Thinking = Seeing Vaster Context? You're going to see a s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out context and thus: Many new viewpoints. Is this not what distinguishes higher creative intelligence? Connecting more dots because you see more dots to connect -- and perhaps see farther into the future? Can we change destiny by engaging vaster contextual thinking, asking bigger-thinking questions in longer-term contexts?

But... how do we see into the future if we never look into the future?... 10 Questions to Ask for a 1000 Year Business Plan Exercise:

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Coming Soon: Physical Retail & Community Center Disruption. Innovation: What Will It Look Like in 1000 Years?

Meme: Physical Human Exchange Communities...were always built around in-person trading/exchange of goods, food, services, entertainment/celebration, spiritual experiences. What now? Innovation Central... Someone will "get" this opportunity.

Coming Soon: Biggest transformation in the next decade may be the evolution of a new form of Physical Retail human community experiences. Is it linked to consciousness and communication technology? Or to human evolution?

Happening now: General economic degeneration/closing/withering of many locally owned unique stores, and this was followed by closing department stores and chain stores, and then "shopping centers" and malls; emptier movie theaters and theatrical events, even sports events -- as entertainment is at home and available income too low for them. Church and spiritual experience, traditional or new age, attendance dwindling...

Only Apple Stores or places to have technology repaired seem to have lots of people around and lines. Why did Apple want to buy college bookstores that Borders abandoned, not cut back their retail. Are they onto something about the physical gathering places for technology exploration, of the future?

Of course there are bars/alcohol (marijuana) or related establishments, Restaurants -- and Grocery/Produce stores with frozen & perishables --  but they too are down in customers compared to the past -- too expensive, you can buy groceries online -- and there's a lack of disposable income, yet they do better than other local retail. But no real change in the Human Experience of the grocery store or restaurant, etc. Will the future be just 3D printing, (can't print food...), selling or buying on Amazon or Ebay or Etsy or Craigslist -- or?

Something new may be coming: AND IT MAY HAVE TO DO WITH LOCAL GATHERING AND COMMUNITY -- Community exchanges, trading centers, for free, meet ups, local impromptu entertainment. It may be good for local emergency centers as well, related to volatile weather, etc.