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Quest for Higher Intelligence: Ask Bigger Long-Term Legacy Questions, Get Bigger Long-Term Legacy Answers

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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, 
build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -- Buckminster Fuller

Bigger Long-range Questions = Bigger Long-range Creative Intelligence? If we ask bigger, faster, long-term legacy-destiny questions -- we're going to get bigger, vaster, long-term legacy answers. Imagination-mind-brain focus and parameters will s-t-r-e-t-c-h and e-x-p-a-n-d. This can't be helped because of the what-you-see-is-what-you-get "WYSIWYG" nature of human conscious focus. 

Wider/Longer Focus -- Diversified Ideas? If you focus (superposition) your intelligence in a vaster environment of vaster questions, it's going to grow! Diversify! You're going to "see" a much larger context, vaster information, and need to engage larger imagination. You enter new "mental territory."

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Vaster Context Thinking = Seeing Vaster Context? You're going to see a s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out context and thus: Many new viewpoints. Is this not what distinguishes higher creative intelligence? Connecting more dots because you see more dots to connect -- and perhaps see farther into the future? Can we change destiny by engaging vaster contextual thinking, asking bigger-thinking questions in longer-term contexts?

But... how do we see into the future if we never look into the future?... 10 Questions to Ask for a 1000 Year Business Plan Exercise:

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Exercise: The 1000 Year Business Plan:
10 Questions to Ask

Take a few minutes and set yourself a task to "concentrate" on creating a summary 5-Point 1000 Year Business Plan for your new project, start up idea, solution needed.
10 Questions to Ask: We did this with a group in under an hour in a recent Right Brain Aerobics 1 session--so I know you can do this in under an hour. Because the mind-brain immediately go to the periphery questions, the larger contextual questions, to get answers -- your imagination E-X-P-A-N-D-S beyond the foreseeable step-1-2-3 thinking about your product. (Do this with pad, pen, even colored pens or Sketchbooks so that you can "stretch out" with artistic-creative mind/brain -- "Draw" the future...)
  • Who will be future customers? How can we help them in very new ways? How can we assist and know them on a more personal and empathetic level?
  • What will be environmental necessities of the time? Climate?
  • Will future customers live on only on this planet or be involved in space travel and colonies on other planets/moons?
  • Will there be anything resembling computers, phones, social media -- or even science and religion as we know them? How will the "rules of reality" change with each new discovery, including increasing discoveries about near-death experiences and technology that can measure PSI?
  • Will we use telepathy? Will we need phones? 
  • Will time-travel technology be possible? (Is that any less feasible than a sky of planes and rockets would have seemed to someone in 1015 A.D. Or even 1850?) 
  • Will there be livable environments on this planet and how will having them change transportation, housing?
  • How many people will live on Earth and where? Will we beat endocrine disruption and still be able to reproduce or will this be accomplished in another way?  
  • Can our current project/business plan/life legacy plan scale into an unknown future in unknown time-space? Something will. Can we discover what that is and follow new pathways of legacy? 
  • How will environmental solutions and "local" solutions change about my business?   
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Current state: "Small Screen Mind." Narrow "Cube-Mind" Focus on Shorter-term Narrow Interest Goals. What happens if we expand the goals? Our current educational and business practices train us to focus on relatively narrow questions or past data. Even "Big Data" is past information. Our information deluge & daily to-do lists and race to keep up with updates & the latest app, keep our time pinned to the smaller present, the smaller screens of life.

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What if we focused on larger long-term Goals? 

Is higher intelligence actually spawned 
by asking bigger questions? Seeking 
vaster visions? Investing time in 
longer-term ruminations?

Thus: The 1000 Year Business Plan.
"Make it Matter. Make it Last. Make it Destiny"

Ada Lovelace - Sometimes Called the First Programmer. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Might We Start by Asking the Questions of What We Deem Higher Intelligence? Those we deem geniuses -- scientists and physicists in general and Einstein in particular -- and great science fiction creators -- George Orwell, the prophetic 1984, Gene Roddenberry, Star TrekA.C. Clark, 2001 Space Odyssey; H.G. Wells, The Time Machine; Robert Heinlan, Stranger in a Strange Land -- have focused on the bigger, vaster, long-term, legacy universal questions: How does the universe and space-time work, how will societies and space travel work in the future?

When they discover/propose new answers that astound us, do we not think of this as higher intelligence? We can do that, too. We can go even farther. Even the highest level thinkers often focus on local parameters of one space-time universe and what we can know about it with science, mathematical equations (isn't it funny how new discoveries render even the best science out-of-date, e.g., Newtonian physics...quantum mechanics.) We can go beyond!

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Food for Thought: Do Higher Intelligence/Longer-Term Quests Lead to Greater Compassion?
 From Einstein to Roddenberry to Heinlan, higher level question-seekers, contemplators, tend toward a greater compassion and more empathetic views of society. Why? 

“The topic of compassion is not 
at all religious business; 
it is important to know it is 
human business;
it is a question of human survival.” 

Does this mean that compassion and empathy are resident in the quiet mind states (meditative states?) that seek longer-term, larger answers? 
Does this mean that long-term thinking and a 1000 Year Business Plan class should be taught in all schools? Will there even be "business" as we know it in 1000 years? Or a sharing "family style" society where all can thrive, grow, create? Will there be a need for currency?  Money? 

Can We Become a "Discovery Channel" Asking the Bigger Questions Daily? If you, yourself, take a few minutes of each day in deep concentration / focus / meditative mind -- alpha mind-brain state -- on questions and answers (Q&A) about bigger, vaster, long-term legacy universal questions, you cannot help but discover that you know things that will amaze you and have, in fact, on any day, access to a higher intelligence. We exercise this all the time in the Right Brain Aerobics "Inner Genius Q&A" exercise and now the RBA "1000 Year Business Plan" exercise. Everyone can do this and do it daily.

Your focus on the higher intelligence questions, 
long-term contexts and legacy questions -- 
is a way to proceed on the 
quest for higher intelligence.

How can you do this in "alpha" state? 

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Audio File Exercise Gift:
From Right Brain Aerobics: "Right Brain Start Up."  
Click here. 
Use this to enter more of "Alpha" state before writing your 1000 Year Business Plan And we highly recommend doing a lot of your scheduled "Think Bigger" time using Steve Halpern's "Deep Alpha" or "Deep Theta" sound.  Deeper vibrational sound = deeper vibrational thinking.

Go for it.  Start with: Write/Draw a 5-Point 1000 Year Business Plan,  You'll find yourself drawing future Timelines and move into a whole new model of business thinking.

Short-term goals = short-term results. 
Long-term goals = long-term results.
What might those be like?

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